Monday, 6 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E07: "The Keys"

In A Nutshell

Let's see ... Cole, Cassie & her smart looking suited and booted fella, Aaron, all combine to find out that the virus is about to be used by the CIA in Chechnya to take out an ex-CIA leaker of fabulous inside information. Cole "jumps to it" and make sure the virus isn't released.

What I liked

Slightly more emotion in Cole this week, which is much better than his usual "Leave me alone" grumpy persona.

Team CAC (Cole, Aaron and Cassie) all combine very well together, carry serious impact and weight in their separate missions, and play off each other in a rewarding comradery way.

What I Didn't Like

I'm not fan of "x hours earlier" jumping about sequences during episodes, especially near the beginning, but thankfully this was more half-way through and very brief in filler. I'd say that's acceptable.

Look, we all know this is only episode 7 of the series, so we aren't stupid enough to think it's all over and everyone is ok. They should really have introduced the realisation of this obvious fact before the credits went up.


Possibly a marksman still with a big L sign on his back, for he misses Cole with a clear shot opportunity
Given we also know Cole hasn't met Goines in 1987 yet and that got mentioned in this episode, it's even more stupid for them to paint the picture that all is ok.

Didn't Aaron kick the USB stick under the table when he finished it, yet his boss just found it beside the desk on floor?

Aaron's boss said it was a security stick, so I doubt Aaron could just plug it into that Apple Mac and it open up the files without it being encrypted already.

And Finally

I'm a big fan of opening sequences, but most shows seem to think they are so 1990s these days. 12 Monkeys is one of them. A mere 10 or so seconds music intro. However, it kind of is correct for this type of show.

This show is a roller-coaster of quality, but thankfully this week we're at the top of one of the sections of the ride. Let's hope it stays up there until the finale.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Very Good).

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