Tuesday, 7 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E08: "Yesterday"

In A Nutshell

Cole is stuck in a hole. No, not the overall hole that is the complicated plot in this programme but a literal hole. Remember that drone strike near the end of last week's episode? Good. So does Cole, as he survived it. Cassie & Aaron do a little sub-plot work to get Cassie to the scene of the explosion to check Cole is dead. And she finds out that noone is there, so all is ok. Except, it's not, because whilst Time Machine Guru Katerina used the last of the juice to fail to get Cole back, she ended up pushing him forward a couple years to 2017 where, you guessed it, that virus is ravaging the Earth.

What I liked

This is probably the first time so far that the future world storyline has seemed interesting. Sure, it's pretty basic stuff; Katarina needs a new core for the time machine, and so obviously isn't just going to get it handed to her. However, it's played at a nice slow pace that at least gives us time for a change to actually care about the newly introduced characters.

A nice little twist at the end was handled reasonably well, although I did wonder for a moment if they'd overdone the camera angles or Cassie wasn't in the same place (or time as it happens) as Cole.

What I Didn't Like

"Previously on 12 Monkeys" reminding us of Ramse talking about his ex was timely, so it made more sense when she turned up in the episode. Not that I didn't like that. It's just when a show has to remind us of things, you wonder how much they think we're playing attention in the first place. Mind you, I'd forgotten about her.

It was so obvious that Ramse and Co were not just going to turn up and retrieve the core/stabilizer just by asking. It was however quite refreshing that in true 12 Monkey style they didn't just blow up the joint and snatch it without giving us a chance to focus.


Seems there is someone with a worst shot than that marksman last week; the US military and the drone that kills everyone except Cole.

What's with those flashbacks to that glass of milk crashing to the floor? That's been going on for weeks now. I guess they are setting us up for something significant, perhaps in the finale?

And Finally

I'd almost convinced myself that the army of the twelve monkeys were the people really up top of the hole talking to Cole and maybe 12 Monkeys Man was just doing some ventriloquism.

So, not anywhere near the level of some rubbish this season I've witnessed on this show, but not on a par with the last episode. Solid, if not that much noteworthy stuff.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (OK).

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