Wednesday, 8 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E09: "Tomorrow"

In A Nutshell

This episode was more jumpy than a kangaroo on steroids. Primarily 3 timelines to bounce between; 2017 where Cole is stuck, and 2041 ish (When Cole and Ramse joined the militia) and 2046, which is where Katarina and that pesky time machine operate from. Speaking of which, she spills more blood than a pathology department in this episode, going on the path to being psycho by literally walking through the building killing people and taking the core that she needs. Meanwhile, Cole and Ramse square up in different timelines, and in 2017 Cole gets a free ride to see Cassie again where she dies in his arms. Typical ...

What I liked

The forced taking of the core was action packed, if somewhat procedural. Oh, and also very dark lighting. But not as little as the lighting around the core. How the heck do they see what they are doing in that room?

What I Didn't Like

Wham Bang, thank you man. As said, this episode jumped forward, back, more forward, back etc frequently. Certainly wouldn't be a good episode to start watching from.

Why was everyone so quick to believe Katerina when she said the other guy didn't have the cure? Don't get that. Especially as they know she'll do anything to get her way, and is a bit nutty.

At start of episode, Ramse's son was not as important as Cole for Ramse. He wanted the core, however, despite being fully aware Katerina might be lying and that a bloodbath was coming. Then at end of episode, despite not having any more evidence, he's now not on Cole's side (or seemingly that happy to see him) and now is more determined to leave the compound with his missus and son. Go figure!


Jennifer is out on the streets in 2017 sitting everyone up, about creating an army of the 12 Monkeys! What?

So, soldier guy, who had walked out on his dad ten years ago, manages to patch things up and get his dad to work on their behalf in the flash of a coin? Well, in a flash we never saw, because all of a sudden he was helping them.

No milk glass falling to floor this episode!

Cole conveniently see broadcast of Cassie saying where immune people should go, then gets whisked there, only to see Cassie greet him with open arms, and then suddenly die with a whimper within ten minutes? No nose bleed? Sneezing? etc? What?

As if those people in Chechnya know where Baltimore is!

And Finally

Not as bad as the really rubbish episodes this season, but not too far above. Too much jumping, seemingly only to create unity between Cole and Ramsee, and then suddenly at end see that go tits up suddenly.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Average).

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