Thursday, 9 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E10: "Divine Move"

In A Nutshell

Ramse decides it's his turn to go on a rampage and torches the evidence room before nicking the injections Cole needs to time travel. Ramse discovers stuff about the 12 Monkeys, so goes back to the camp, kills a few people and then jumps himself back to 1987. Cole spends most of the episode lying down getting drug treatment. Cassie and Aaron go searching for the creator of the virus to stop him making it for the 12 Monkeys, because no one thought about doing that the first time round ...

What I liked

Let me think ... it wasn't as bad as last week. That's a good start. Less stupid jumping about thankfully. Ramse's action cameos will quite decent too.

We also have Ramse's motivation handed to us on a plate; he wants to have his son and meet his missus, so needs to stop that time travelling from saving mankind. Obviously Ramse didn't know about Spock's theory of "The needs of the many outweigh those of the few".

What I Didn't Like

Suddenly Ramse is the bad guy, disrupting the time machine and going back to 1987 to ... actually, I'm not sure. I think he's going back to stop Cole who jumps back also at the end to 1987. However, why would he want to stop Cole when it's obvious that thus far Cole hasn't succeeded. His logic is well screwed up.

Why didn't Ramse just destroy the injections? Ok, he wanted one, but that wasn't his original plan. That was the bomb. Wasn't it?

The stupidity of the virus creator was like primary school childish dialogue. Very staged to cheese levels.


Wicked Witch Jennifer
Ding Dong, the witch is back. It's Jennifer in the future of 2042 ish dressed as the wicked witch of the west. Is she the 12 Monkey leader? Seems unlikely given what she tells Ramse, which also makes me wonder that Ramse is likely to use this information for good. His interest in it all was not belittling so he believed her and wanted to do something with that information. Yet going back to stop the 12 Monkeys wouldn't bring his son or misses back as they'd probably not meet without the plague. So, despite all that, Ramse will obviously use that information with Cole to do some "good". Which brings me to think, "Why didn't he just tell them the information?"

And Finally

Aaron meeting one of the 12 Monkey bosses was interesting. We can only guess he's made some sort of deal with her that'll seem to save Cassie's life but ultimately annihilate human kind. Sigh.

Devoid of logic and full of cheese, but the action did rescue the episode from dropping below a rating of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Average).

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