Tuesday, 14 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E11: "Shonin"

In A Nutshell

Cole & Ramse tangle in 1987 Japan (or is it China?). Ramse fatally stabs Cole in the nightclub with Groines present, believing him dead, but Katerina's last act before the project is disbanded is to send Cole to 2015 where Cassie finds a seriously blooded Cole. Meanwhile, the majority of the episode explains what happened to Ramse next in 1987 and who he became ...

What I liked

Even though after 10 minutes in you could figure out instantly that Ramse will turn out to be The Witness, they did well to hide this until this episode. Mind you, one should have figured it out, as once Ramse went rogue a few episodes ago, the only way he could retain presence in the show was to become a big bad guy. Watching what happened to him was fascinating, and a genius to see all the flashpoints of the previous 10 episodes being explained more from Ramse's point of view as we went through the years 1987 to 2015.

Leighton Groines; legendary actor playing a captivating character.

What I Didn't Like

Crazy Jennifer is hard to really care about to any degree.


So, Leighton knew Jennifer didn't murder the scientists but wants her kept in the psycho ward. There must be something else that she knows, especially given she said she knew all his secrets.

Not sure why Ramse played the long game of many years with the oppressor in the jail. He could have turned the inmates against him years beforehand.

Still not convinced that Ramse is happy to do all this so he can have a son and meet his missus? Technically he could track her down now, or nick that Time Machine and bring her back? Well, he'd have to wait for the Time Machine to be made.

And Finally

The show hits new levels by finally making the time travel and background plots very relevant and revealing. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing everything pieced together.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (Captivating reveals, although largely still uninteresting characters).

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