Friday, 24 April 2015

12 Monkeys: S01E13: "Arms of Mine"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

In 2015 Cole and Cassie get to do what we've all been wanting to do for ages ... punch Aaron ... many times. He reveals who he's been talking to from the 12 Monkey's Gang. Cassie and Cole find crazy Jennifer, now CEO of Markridge, and find out who has been investing heavily in her company, aka Ramsee/12 Monkeys. This leads them to where the time machine has just been built for a showdown that is over in seconds as Cassie and Ramsee are seemingly fatally shot. Cole sends Cassie to the future to Katerina before Cole decides to "save" Ramsee by dragging him off. The white pasted men successfully invade the facility in the future and are surprised to see Cassie appear in the time machine chair.

What I liked

I still like seeing the red ivy. Is it just to do with original experiments or carries a deeper meaning?

I enjoyed the build up and mystery ... well, up until the showdown between Ramsee, Cole and Cassie.

I largely enjoyed the mystery of the white pasted men. Super human? But to what end?

Ramsee isn't the Witness! Mystery continues!

What I Didn't Like

So, we had both Ramsee and Cassie fatally shot, only for the old time trick and lazy plot to revive them and make mincemeat of the shock of them being shot. Sigh. Seems no one really dies in this show.

For the white-pasted men and the 12 Monkey Scary Lady to not know the changes that happened at the end of this episode, wouldn't something have had to change the timeline? Surely something else must have happened to make people do things differently this time round? There's little evidence of it though?

It's Goines, no it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. It's his daughter. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. Now it seems we are settled on "Yes it is her" ... her who unleashes the virus, that is. But is she just crazy, given it was the 12 Monkeys who raided the lightroom for the virus originally? Now she's off to infect the world? Just mad or is there a plan? She also knows a lot about the 12 Monkeys, so what does she know and what's that got to do with it all?

Ok, that's not all reason to dislike this episode, but I find myself more annoyed and fed up that we're now labelling Jennifer as the culprit but still with no idea if she will turn out to be for sure, nor exactly why she is doing it all. I'm guessing because she loves animals and wants to bring them back?


Who then is the Witness if not Ramsee? It's got to be someone we know. Only one left is Cole!

I'm really confused. Ramsee did all he did so he could see his son? Essentially he aided the 12 Monkeys?

So, scary 12 Monkeys lady created the 12 white faced men, but none of them were expecting the end part of episode?

So, now Katerina has finally had enough of all that time machine stuff? Well, up until the last 5 seconds perhaps.

Wouldn't Cole/Ramsee already know where the time machine is being built?

And Finally

Somehow the show managed to shot itself in the foot by building mystery and tension, only to save the two shot characters (Cassie and Ramsee; ok, we don't know for sure but it's a reasonably safe bet they are ok). The episode was building nicely but, given the upteenth chance for Cassie/Ramsee to survive, and no real revelations other than the white pasted men being the 12 babies from the 12 monkeys, this wasn't that much of a shocking cliffhanger finale.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Tension built for most of the episode and then sort of never climaxed).

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