Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Arrow: S03E19: "Broken Arrow"

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

Roy is in jail, and there are multiple discussions (ludicrous ones, quite frankly) about breaking him out and multiple references (like a stuck record) to Oliver needing to accept people helping him. When Roy is attacked though in jail for a second time by inmates, he's fatally stabbed, but as it happens this pitiful scene was just a rouse as he's actually fine. It was an elaborate trick to fool the police. Anyhow, then Roy decides that as everyone thinks he's dead, he's going to leave the city anyway, so off he goes. Meanwhile, everyone's favourite kick-ass guy (no, not Arrow) but Ra's al Ghul, attacks and knives Oliver's sister, Thea. Lastly, in a continuation of the grating flashbacks, Ollie and Co are still on the run from multiple factions, whilst also attempting to steal an antidote to a very potent virus.

What I liked

It's a mixture of enjoyment and cringing seeing Ray Palmer in the Atom suit. Very cocky guy, with a suit that sounds like it needs some high-tech oil to stop those squeaks.

Rha Ga Gua; the ultimate fighting machine. This guy is just perfection in terms of fighting and being in human form.

What I Didn't Like

Roy is killed ... but not really. His stabbing was so tame and haphazard that it didn't seem like enough of a send-off, so when it was found to be a trick, we got all that supposed tear-jerking proper send-off for real as Roy drove off into the distance. Sigh.

Are we really supposed to believe Thea is dead? It'll be good for the show if she was. It'll really kick things up a notch into genuine tension but alas I can't help but think this was designed to draw Oliver back to Ra's al Ghul's temple and his resurrection pool.

The flashbacks; tiresome.


Sergeant Lance really seems to have had a dramatic recovery from his heart issues, as he struts about now in full 100% stress mode 24/7, 365 days a year.

Where was Malcolm Merlyn when Thea was attacked? Has he been kicked out that flat?

What was the point of the meta-human? Easily dealt with. Well, in the grand scheme of things. The intrigue about him not being anywhere near the Star Labs explosion though was interesting. Potentially more a Flash storyline than Arrow?

Ray asks the question on my mind for the last few months; how do they go toilet and get fed in these cells?
And Finally

So, Roy leaves the show. Sad, I could tolerate him, although he did a lot of moping around and flashing those large eyebrows about. Bet ya he's back at some point. This show could however do with a serious clearout of characters and freshening up though.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Dull flashbacks continues, and a up/down main plot with Roy that feels watered down).

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