Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Flash: S01E17: "Tricksters"

In A Nutshell

The trickster is back after almost 20 odd years to reign terror through a deadly combination of comedy and bombs. Eddie and Barry try to figure out Dr Wells' motives in Barry's mum's death whilst trying to focus on the trickster. Meanwhile, flashbacks explain more about that night when Barry's mum was killed and the arrival of the reverse-flash.

What I liked

Mark Hamill was AMAZING as the older original trickster. The "I AM YOUR FATHER" quote was classic and worked well, despite the obvious Star Wars link. Likewise he was absolutely convincing and cunning as the trickster, which is obviously a reference to his Batman villain character, The Joker.

I somewhat felt I knew all Dr Wells' backstory even before all this flashbacking. Maybe I'd read too much Flash comics etc when young? Don't think so. Did he mention his wife's death before? Anyhow, we now know what we suspected, that Dr Wells is Dr Wells, but with someone else inside him ... sort of.

What I Didn't Like

Was the only way to get Eddie to tell Iris porkies about the reporter's disappearance to reveal The Flash as Barry? I'm not sure about that. As much as it's nice to have him in on things, it's very much turning into an annoying situation of everyone being in on it except Iris. I also wonder if this sets things up for Eddie to go out in glory in the finale?


I couldn't help but think of Fringe with Dr Wells getting transformed into the other Dr Wells via the contraption. Only thing missing was that it was connected to the chest and not the mouth.

And Finally

Wondering if Dr Wells is likely to defeated in finale but be a background threat in Season 2 whilst Dr Allen, whose Doctor skills we were subtly reminded of in this episode, joins the gang at Star Labs? Seemed to suggest that he was a doctor scientist rather than a medical one.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (Great villain of the week and backstory filler)

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