Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Flash S01E18: "All Star Team Up"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Ray Palmer and Felicity pop in on our gang from Starling City (exactly what is the distance between these two cities?) in order to help Ray sort out his Atom suit. This is simply a story writing excuse to merge the shows a little but also to play on Barry's current concerns about Dr Wells and whom he can trust. Our badass of the week is a mad female scientist who spent thousands of someone's well-earned money making robotic bees and then killing off those who had wronged her. There's a brief team-up with Atom and Flash to give us all a quick buzz (pun intended) whilst meanwhile in B-Plot land, Iris has had enough of Eddie acting all weird (no, not the actor's abilities) and threatens to break things off if he doesn't spill his secret.

What I liked

A little bit of Ray helps every show, but certainly not an overdose, and thankfully this was just the right amount of his OTT mannerisms. He certainly fits in better in the undoubtedly more subtle comical land of Flash than Arrow.

The Dr Well's Reverse-Flash plot continues as Cisco and Caitlin join the fold although we learn very little more, except perhaps that by the looks of Dr Wells, he's starting to notice people acting odd.

Eddie is ridiculously daft and just far too likeable!

What I Didn't Like

Cisco reclaiming memories from the alternative universe come timezone that never was a few episodes ago. He now recalls Dr Wells killing him, although I've no idea how all that is possible for him to even remember. They don't make any attempt to explain it. How he remembers it all is also highly staged. He's been having these dreams for weeks apparently but this was the first reference to them.

So, the head of the mercury company turns up near the end of the show to see Barry and apologize to him that she didn't take up the police's offer of protection from the bee villain who was after her? Right ... of course she'd go see him wouldn't she? Highly contrived so that Barry could quiz her about Dr Wells.


Admittedly Eddie is still new to The Flash/Barry reveal but surely he and Barry/Joe should have come up with a suitable cover by now rather than leaving him to just look like a rabbit caught between the headlights?

Genius Bees, but an underutilised villain and use of those bees really. Her story was weak and of limited explanation.

Barry can't outrun bees?

And Finally

So, just a good excuse to progress the Barry/Joe/Dr Wells subplot a little bee, I mean bit, by having Felicity convince Barry that Caitlin and Cisco can be trusted. Also, an excuse to make sure Flash viewers know about the Atom, ahead of his spin-off show no doubt.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Totally ridiculous, but the interaction with Ray/Atom and Felicity just about managed to scrape this episode above average)

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