Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vikings: S03E10: "The Dead"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

A very ill Ragnor prepares for his own funeral, as the French heap lots of gold on the vikings in return for them leaving. Instead, Ragnor asks for a Christian funeral, which they grant. But alas, it's an elaborate ploy, as Ragnor kidnaps the princess so as to allow the vikings to raid Paris! After the raid they do leave, but Rollo stays behind to keep a small force for the winter and finds himself offered a title, land and the princess's hand in marriage in return for their protection.

What I liked

An episode of two halves. I, like everyone watching and the other characters (except Bjorn), was led to believe Series 4 might be Ragnor-less, for the 1st half of the episode was very much an ode to Ragnor as he wasted away, was mourned, carted to the cathedral, before "rising again". The oldest trick in the book, but it would not have worked half as well as it did were we not to be so duped like the French were. I joked to myself just before that scene that maybe Ragnor could rise again, and indeed it did happen, but of course he was never dead in the first place.

One last battle for the series! Very brief but a great return on Ragnor's comeback. Great to see the faces on Ragnor's closet who even they didn't know the plan and had given their confessions to his casket.

Rollo's entry into the cathedral, and the princess outburst of disdain, followed by his "Hello" in French was amusing.

What I Didn't Like

I was initially annoyed that we were duped but it was done so well I don't mind now.

Is it going to be another Rollo versus Ragnor in Series 4? We've been here far too many times.

So, was all Ragnor's Christian conversion a ploy? I don't think so. So, where is the line? I find it hard to believe Ragnor would attack the priest like he did.


If looks could kill ...
Princess Gisla; does she ever smile? She looks so miserable almost continuously. All the windows in France would shatter if she perked those cheeks up.

Kinky Count Odo, whipping that lady for sexual pleasures! Some women will submit to anything it seems! It's not like it didn't hurt!

And Finally

So, Ragnor's not dead yet, which keeps to the "facts" of history, and we are set up for Rollo versus Ragnor, Round 158, it seems next season. I hope though that we instead see them "make up" even more and the start of the Normans and Christian Vikings begins.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Episode of two halves, but the long con was oh so worth it!).

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