Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Arrow: S03E20: "The Fallen"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Well Well Well, Thea is still alive, barely, as predicted, and yes, the regeneration pool of Ra's al Ghul comes into play here. The only guy with planes available these days is Ray, who loans them his so they can fly Thea to Ra's al Ghul's temple and get her ditched into the pool. In return, Oliver agrees to join the League of Assassins. Yup, he finally caves in ... in a cave. A lot of long faces in this episode and a high pitched sopping Felicity, who gets to get jiggy with Oliver in an extended scene of some nudity. She attempts a rescue plan against his wishes, which fails, and they all head off home without Oliver, but with a now healthy Thea (or is she?). Meanwhile, in the flashbacks that no one really cares about anymore, Oliver and his kong-fu couple try to stop a virus from being unleashed.

What I liked

Ra's al Ghul's temple is very atmospheric and he carries a lot of gravity to his character.

Yup, that's all I liked.

What I Didn't Like

No attempt to tel Roy his ex-girlfriend is on death's door. Well, he's supposedly gone off grid but that's never stopped them before.

The regeneration pool thing was so predictable. Supposedly Thea is changed, and she was for like ten minutes, but seemed normal at the end. Not sure that'll continue. She accepted Oliver staying behind very easily.

The rescue attempt that wasn't ... lame. And quite frankly full of stupidity.

The whole Malcolm and Thea thing now has become tired.


So reminded of LOST this week, what with the water pool, it's healing powers, and that it can change a person.

Some of the assassins aren't all that good really are they?

Are we to believe Oliver really is stuck there? Of course not. I've got all the tension of a floppy balloon in believing this is the end of Arrow.

And Finally

Potentially a very interesting concept of Oliver becoming the new Ra's al Ghul but it doesn't feel genuine in terms of the show's progression. Is this the future of Arrow? Perhaps next season will be from this new perspective? I'd hope so, as it's the sort of change this show needs. However, I just have a fear that there will be a cop-out somewhere soon ...

Rating: 5 out of 10 (Either this is a genius change in direction or the show has jumped the shark; I'm going for the latter).

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