Thursday, 21 May 2015

Arrow: S03E22: "This is your sword"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

You really want to know? Well, in the flashbacks we see Oliver and his friends try and fail to find a cure for the little boy, his asian friend's Tatsu/Maseo's son, who dies from that killer virus. They also end up getting captured by the US Army for their trouble. Meanwhile, in present time, we learn that Oliver's time with the League of Assassins is a "sham". He's putting it all on! No, really? Didn't see that coming did we? Sigh. What with them all so easily deserting Oliver last week, it was ludicrous to think this wasn't coming next. Malcolm is in league with him. Didn't see that little bit coming though. He then has to drop this bombshell on Oliver's former friends who have an initial reaction I'd expect but then are easily fully back in bed with Malcolm though also with the season long estranged arrangement. They all head off to League of Assassins HQ castle, which is must be just up the road given how quickly they move about in this show. A successful attempt to stop the jet carrying the virus to Starling City turns out to be another "sham" by Ra al Ghul. He therefore captures everyone, including Tatsu Yamashiro, whom has just downed her former husband, Maseo. Thank goodness that long play on him looking long faced is over. Anyhow, Malcolm grasses Oliver up for some reason as a traitor but that goes no where. Ra and not-Oliver then gas out his former friends in their cell with the virus, whilst not-Oliver marries Ra's daughter, leaving us to believe what no one in their right mind would believe, which is that his friends all died from the virus.

What I liked

Felicity's throw of the tablet device into one of the Assassins was quite amusing.

Ray made several decent jokes along the way

What I Didn't Like

Far too many twists and turns now for anyone to really care.

Far too many "deaths" for anyone to believe they are actually dead this time. No, they really are in peril. Yeah, right.


Ray tricks Felicity into signing over ownership of ... something.

And Finally

Couldn't give a monkeys. We also had to suffer Thea and Roy meeting up and having sex. Thankfully not much, but far too much. This whole series just feels so surreal and fake to really care much about.

Rating: 5 and of 10 (Was going to be a 6 but changed my mind, because there was very little I generally liked about this episode. Not even the action was that gripping)

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