Sunday, 3 May 2015

Atlantis: S02E08: "The madness of Hercules"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Do you want to know? Well, Jason is on death row, but is eventually rescued on a second attempt before Ariadne finds herself arrested for allegedly helping Jason escape even though there wasn't really a shred of evidence.

What I liked

A failed rescue attempt! Wonders will never cease. I thought it was a walk in, walk out job in this show up until now. Ok, there was a second attempt that succeeded but hey ...

Ariadne held her nerve to keep Jason on course to be sacrificed, not only defying anything this show has done before but also all us viewers who was sure they'd find a loophole.

Pasiphae is in power! Ok, she's a rubbish villain but at least our hero's at last have an uneasy life and some obvious threat to overcome.

I didn't see Hercules's plan to break in coming. Who would? He didn't seem to care at all for most of episode. Still, it was amusing.

What I Didn't Like

Pasiphae is in power! Yup. I said i liked it but I also don't. We've been here before and it was dull last time around. This is like Game of Thrones without any logic or bloodshed ... Or nudity.

Well, she came into power quickly ... how exactly did that all work? We were spared the political details thankfully.

An easy escape the second time around from a palace that a hapless two year old could probably steal from.


That Hercules and Medusa love thing is still very unconvincing. She's like an OTT drama student.

Hercules didn't seem to be sweating over Jason's fate until eventually he just decided to try rescuing him.

Didn't Jason kill a guard on his first escape? That doesn't seem like him.

And Finally

Purely because it didn't go to usual Atlantis script, this episode was actually a decent watch.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Yes, failed attempts at having any genuine heart this show, with Ariadne holding our nerves with tension for half the show, then it all went pear shaped, but in a slightly enjoyable way)

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