Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Atlantis: S02E11: "Kin"

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

Try getting your head around this one. Jason's hiding out in the woods whilst his friends and soldiers are searching for him but fail. They did find some plum stones though. Yeah, never mind on that. Anyhow, for some reason Jason hands himself in. I was assuming it was some plan with Medea because she's now back with Pasiphae bigging up Jason. However, when they talk there is no mention of any premeditation to his actions. Much like this show I guess. Anyhow, he's also seemingly feeling the love of his mother too now. Now that she's played the show's loyalty roulette game, Pasiphae this week doesn't want Jason dead again. She gets the gods consulted and they support that. So, she puts Jason into the Games and in the fate of the gods. Jason's dad sneaks into the Games Complex and does his "I AM YOUR FATHER!" sentence at least twice, which is enough to win over Jason. He goes along with the escape plan, which goes a little wrong thanks to Icarus passing information to help his own dad. Some soldiers attack. Jason's dad gets stabbed and just when all looks bad for Jason, Hercules saves the day by pushing a cart into proceedings. We get the closing speech from Jason's Dad as he exits the world, and Pasiphae is now very cheesed off with Medea and Jason for choosing his dad over her. She now wants Jason dead again. Spin that wheel!

What I liked

The other competitor in the games who Jason befriends was sort of more interesting than many other characters.

The bickering in the court between Pasiphae and her aide actually felt a little heated for once.

I was starting to feel some emotion between Jason and his dad. Just starting ...

What I Didn't Like

Medea; this week she's sitting on the loyalty fence it seems. If people didn't keep changing sides and opinions so much, it might be possible to feel some emotion in this show. Unlikely, but maybe.

I AM YOUR FATHER ... yes, that was all cringey stuff, but the music did help bring some sadness to it, especially when Jason stood over his dad's grave.

Threat in the arena was zero of course, but it was actually not bad action. Comedy stuff more than serious.


Hercules, "I failed Medusa. I failed Jason". This week he's getting over Medusa very nicely and forgiving the deception of his friends as well as chopping her head off.

And Finally

So, this sets us up once again for Jason versus Pasiphae. Hopefully both of them can keep to their convictions next week and end this petty squabble once and for all.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Strong hints of emotion in this episode and a pleasant turnaround in events. Almost a 7, but it's hard to work out why we should care or what everyone thinks from week to week about each other.).

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