Sunday, 31 May 2015

Food: Twix Mix (126g Share Pack)

Food Rating: 7
Value for Money: 7
Overall: 7
It's Twix, but not as you know it.

In A Nutshell

They've been around for several years it seems (since 2013), but this variation of the cult classic Twix has entirely passed me by it seems ... until now! I don't have a Twix very rarely, preferring simply to buy something that has as much chocolate content as possible and consuming it quicker than anyone's pet dog can down a hamburger. However, every so often, one likes to mix up their life a little. Be somewhat risky and dangerous perhaps, so a Twix therefore brings huge nostalgia sensations bursting through my veins when I get my hands on one. This time round though I turned down the classic two Twix bar of around 65p, for a share bag of Twix ... ... Mix. I see what they did there.

Normally when you get these bags of your favourite sweet bar, you find they've simply done the job of chopping up the bar for you into ridiculously small chunks and then have the nerve to charge you double the price. Well ... for a few chumps of this mix, that's what I was thinking myself. Naturally I skipped reading the side of the packet and just started eating. No one likes to waste time when it comes to sweets do they? However, after eating a handful of the little fellas, I then tasted something different. I indeed thought these were just miniature Twix bars that had been sapped by masses of energy and shrunk to 5% of their original size ... but no ... and yes. The clever people at Mars (the company, not the planet) have split the Twix Mix balls into two. Both are surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate but half of the balls are shortcake inners and the other half are that soft caramel you know and love.

So, you never get a full Twix ... well, unless you scoff a handful. I tried and it's almost like the real thing, but not. And, is it a fair 50/50 split between the caramel and shortcake balls in the bag? ... I don't know. I would have counted but I have to be truthful. I was very hungry when I sampled this bag and didn't do any count :(
Yes, they look a little like something else, but they do taste much better!

What I liked

It's twix, in a mix, so you can get your fix. Who doesn't like Twix? It's never anything amazing, but it's one of the few so-called chocolate bars with the least amount of chocolate but still on the same shelf as your Mars or Yorkie. In this case, being different to the majority, aides our Twix craving. Given their size, you can really shove a load in your mouth in one go. Sadly that'll mean you'll get through the pack in about 4 or 5 handfuls, but if you're going to go down fighting, this is the way to do it.

What I Didn't Like

These "share" 126g packs are rarely value for money unless you find an offer in the shop in question. Grab this for around about a £1 and it gets near what I'd say was decent value.

I'm also not sure this was a very even 50/50 split between the caramel and shortcake balls.


A third of the packet is air. What's up with that?

And Finally

They claim each share pack holds 3 portions, which doesn't seem very fair does it? Someone is going to miss out 2 to 1, or 3 to 0 if I have my way. Who wants to share these balls when they're no bigger than a 5 pence piece?

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