Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Game of Thrones S05E04 - "Sons of the Harpy"

Rating: 8

In A Nutshell

Jamie & Bronn head to Dorne as the new comedy sidekick duo, where they eat some snake and then take down some snakes of sorts in four Dorne guards who were tipped off by the boat's captain. Cersei creates danger for anyone flaunting religious values (umm, what about herself?) by giving the High Sparrow and his men powers in law. Jon Snow resists the Red Priestess's advances. Sansa and Littlefinger plot against the Boltons. The Sand Sisters are ready for war on the Lannisters. Tyrion has a merry merry boat ride with Ser Jorah. Lastly, it seriously all kicks of with the Sons of Harpy and Unsullied!

What I liked

Jaime and Bronn banter; brilliant insight humour and action by these two. With Podrick/Brienne and Tyrion/Varys double acts not in this episode, these two really raised their game.

Jaime's having a solid gold hand in his solo victory; nice!

A decent battle at the end that's full of sword wielding stuff and blood; Unsullied versus Sons of Harpy.

The newly formed Sparrow movement goes forth, beating up those in the brothels and so forth in some very bloody ways.

King Tommen goes about huffing and puffing but ultimately doesn't realise he's been out maneuvered cleverly by his own mum. How sweet.

What I Didn't Like

Not a lot to dislike this episode. It was all nice and so down at Winterfell but it wasn't overly interesting, but it did confirm what we thought Littlefinger's plan was and provide a history lesson.

Hints of feeling a little too staged and contrived at times this season. Very un-Game of Thrones.

Unsullied; aren't they supposed to be the best fighting force in Westeros?


The Red Priestess seems to like getting her body out on display. Jon Snow has nerves of steel. She is a sort of prostitute in ways.

And Finally

Great five minute action at end, along with some earlier sparrow action, combined with some great scenes between characters and Jaime/Bronn and Tyrion comedy.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (The long game starts to carefully play out nicely to us viewers)

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