Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Game of Thrones: S05E05: "Kill The Boy"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Grey Worm is recuperating and getting more loved up, whilst Daenerys gets revenge on the former leaders of the houses who kept slaves by arresting them all and feeding one to the dragons. Eventually though she realises she might have made mistakes with the situation in the city and thus reinstates the games and announces her marriage to one of the leaders (obviously to the prominent one in the show thus far). Tyrion and Jorah exchange some conversation on route before they get attacked by those stone people during passing through an old city, and not long after they see one of the dragons fly past. Jorah rescues Tyrion but secretly was touched by one of the stone men and thus now he has greyscale. Ugh. Podrick and Brienne have a small section where Brienne gets a message to Sansa on how to summon her help if ever needed. Sansa finds Reek/Theon in the kennels and then Ramsey parades him over lunch as his slave. Jon Snow announces he's going to bring the Wildlings south of the wall. Doesn't go down well, but he's off with the former ginger wildling to convince the wildlings to return with them. Meanwhile, Stannis takes his army off towards Winterfell, finally.

What I liked

Sansa/Theon reunion. Was never going to pleasant but it seemed quite heart warming considering his past errors.

Sansa's smile at Ramsey's bad news that a new Bolton boy baby is on it's way.

Tyrion; anything he says and does is usually noteworthy.

What I Didn't Like

Daenerys; she just annoys me. She seems to just do what she wants most of the time and at other times belittle others and just stands or sits looking smug.

There was absolutely no action at all really, unless you count Ramsey giving his lady some action, or the brief Stone men scuffle at the end.


In recent episodes the opening titles have brought back the sun hovering over winterfell. Wonder if that's really highlighting the good times coming back.

For such a contentious issue, the order by Jon Snow with the Wildlings didn't really show as much heat as one would have thought. Certainly all bases were covered over the subject by exchanges but it didn't look like it was half of the watch against him as Jon Snow suggested.

And Finally

Little to chuckle about in this episode or even enjoy watching for action. More one of thought provoking and anticipating on what's coming next. Some mentions of historical happenings make one think they are going to be significant soon.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Downer from last week, but some intriguing developments keep things simmering)

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