Thursday, 28 May 2015

Game of Thrones: S05E07: "The Gift"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Lots of things going on this episode, with the only one let off the hook being Arya. She was thankfully absent in that dull house of black and grey. Sansa is being beaten and imprisoned by Ramsey and foolishly tries to get Theon's help but he grasses on her. Stannis is held up by the mother of all snowstorms but intends to continue regardless. He's also very much taken aback by the priestess's suggestion of sacrificing his daughter. In king's landing, an angry young king huffs and puffs. Cersei visits the new queen in prison, before finally falling foul of the sparrows herself thanks to Littlefinger and Queen of Thrones hatching a plan. Cersei gets angrily bunged into jail. By far the bit we've all wanted to see this year, see's Jorah and Tyrion get sold off to a former slave master, and then hatch a plan whereby Jorah gets to tell Daenerys, who is watching the fight he's in, that he has a gift for her. Tyrion doesn't hang around, frees himself and announces his arrival to the queen. Lastly, Jon Snow heads off with the Wilding chief (I thought they left last week!) and Sam gets to sort of rescue his girl and gain a reward.

What I liked

Sansa try but fail to get rescued. One expected Theon to grass her up but it was still tantalizing to watch it play out.

Tyrion greets the Queen! Finally!

What I Didn't Like

No action. Ok, there was Jorah at the end making a point but that's about it.

Honestly thought Jon Snow had already left for the far North.

Scene with Bronn and Sand Snakes in jail; nice but brief and feeling somewhat hard to care about as we hardly know the sisters. The threat of the poison wound is over too quickly. Seemed a waste of a scene. Much like Jaime and his daughter.


No Brienne or Podrick. Sob Sob.

Still no Varys. Odds on he turns up soon.

And Finally

Much like a lake simmering calmly during summer, winter is most certainly coming, not least because it suddenly started snowing in Winterfell this week! The closing few episodes of this season promise much. Can they deliver after all this scheming and manipulating?

Rating: 7 out of 10 (It's really threatening to ramp up to the a new level altogether, but will the final few episodes actually deliver after this long build-up?))

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