Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Flash: S01E19: "Who is Harrison Wells?"

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

Barry and Co deal with a shape shifter metahuman, who leads to Eddie getting framed for murdering two cops. Joe and Cisco head off to Starling City (conveniently) which is where Dr Wells had his car crash and was never the same afterwards ...

What I liked

Kaitlin/Barry interaction, especially with the fake-Barry (shapeshifter) was amusing and fun.

Discovery of Dr Well's hidden room at the end was long overdue ...

I think we'd all like to see Sergeant Lance get on with his daughter again, so I welcomed the time that Joe gave to convincing him to think again about their relationship.

What I Didn't Like

The whole trip to Starling City felt staged and contrived ... and unnecessary, since us viewers already knew exactly what had happened. I'd rather they thought of a better way to do this. Seems the trip was more to get some crossover with the Arrow show, get Cisco to do some tech work for Laurel and for Joe to pep-talk Sergeant Lance. There seemed little point in terms of the Flash show to this trip though.

Everything that happened with the shape-shifter was age-old stuff that we've seen before in these types of powers. Little background to the metahuman was given once again.


Well, this seems to be the start of the police finally acknowledging the existence of metahumans.

Plus, nothing like peril to bring a couple back together without any need to discuss what went wrong; aka Eddie and Iris.

And Finally

Sadly, the stereotypical plot for a shape shifter, combined with a highly contrived roadtrip to Starling City, made for underwhelming developments in this episode that even the humour parts from Cisco couldn't repair.

Rating: 6 out of 10 (Felt like we'd seen this all before.)

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