Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Flash: S01E20: "The Trap"

Rating: 8

In A Nutshell

Barry, Eddie, Joe, Cisco and Kaitlin all work together in this episode and it blends very nicely. They use some funky (if somewhat quickly glossed over) technology glasses that help Cisco relive the alternative time memories of Dr Wells killing him. Using that information they set a trap for Dr Wells in order to get a confession for killing Barry's mum, but it doesn't go to plan when they find out Dr Wells is one step ahead and had been watching them all along. With Eddie planning to propose to Iris, Reverse-Flash steps in and steals Eddie. Iris, in the process, realises that Barry is The Flash, whilst Eddie finds out that Dr Wells is actually a relative of his!

What I liked

Dr Wells one step ahead. Brilliant reverse of fortunes to find out he'd been watching them for ages.

Barry made Dr Well's AI called Gideon? Wow. Eddie and Iris get married! Nice future reveals that may or may not still happen.

Dr Wells will be about as the main "villain", at least for next few episodes.

Great complexity to Dr Wells character. How he hates Flash, but helps him to get to be the Flash, has watched him for years, and sort of has some kind of love for Cisco and Kaitlin.

Good use of last week's metahuman in tricking them into thinking they were trapping Dr Wells!

What I Didn't Like

Completely unnecessary for us viewers to relive Cisco's dreams of his death, and a ridiculous piece of tech, but still sort of cool.


Eddie's going to be doubly miffed that the engagement ring has gone astray now.

Why does Dr Wells so hate the Flash?

And Finally

The dream/glasses aside, this was a great episode. Love the complexity everyone feels with Dr Wells being evil, clever and also kind at times.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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