Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Flash: S01E21: "Grodd Lives"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

I'd vaguely heard of Grodd from my comic book days years ago, although I was still a little, really, he's supposed to scare us when we've hardly heard about him? We've heard bits I suppose over the season, but this episode he takes centre-stage, although this is still much like a build-up feel to much bigger involvement from the ape. Grodd is a mind-controlling intelligent ape but not quite Planet of the Apes level yet. Dr Wells is using General Eiling to distract Flash and Friends by letting Grodd control Eiling to do some robberies. When investigating Grodd down the sewers, Joe gets captured and then it's left to Flash and Co to rescue him and avoid being mind controlled. After putting 2+2 together last week, in a way only a superhero TV show could, Iris confronts the gang at Starling Labs by just walking in on them all. Do they not lock doors or have security? Dr Wells in the meantime has an enjoyable spat with Eddie who he's holding captive as he builds a contraption which is revealed at the end to be a key into Starling Labs. Appears he's been hiding underneath the labs.

What I liked

That was a revealing and amusing chat between Eddie and Dr Wells.

Iris is finally in on things. She obviously didn't enjoy all the secrets and thus has the standard go at everyone, before calming down and loving them up by the end.

Grodd was surprisingly quite an enemy. More than I thought and far from defeated yet as he got away.

What I Didn't Like

General Eiling; love the actor, don't like the character at all. Snarling, grumpy and just a bore.


Did no one think about asking Gidion for help? It is after all a super intelligent AI and knows the future!

And Finally

Just delaying us from the final confrontation between the Flash duo but still much more engaging than one would think when it comes to mind-controlling Gorillas.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Thanks to a serious foe, Iris catching up on everything and banter between Eddie and Dr Wells, this episode was more entertaining than I expected.)

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