Friday, 22 May 2015

The Flash: S01E22: "Rogue Air"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Realising that Dr Wells has been hiding literally close to home, the gang rescue Eddie from days without food, boredom and probable body odour. He looks highly cheesed off for rest of the episode. Not least when he tells Iris that there's no point getting married whilst Barry is about. 3 is a crowd it seems. Meanwhile, the main focus of the episode is on the Particle Accelerator being activated by Dr Wells and that the metahumans in the cells need to be transported elsewhere or die. So, Barry gets Leonard Snart, Captain Cold, to help out in return for erasing all evidence of his existence from official records. It's a little daft that Barry does this literally by breaking and entering, but he is quite tensed up with Reverse-Flash stuff. Cold's horny sister tags along. Using a massive truck, the metahumans get transported to an airport to be flown to that Island where Oliver Queen hung out for years. They are off to the ARGUS Prison. Given that there seems to be some resemblance of care on the island, this seems better than the cells with no meals or a toilet from what I can tell in the Particle Accelerator. Anyhow, naturally it goes wrong. Captain Cold and sister betray Barry and it results in a little scrap at the airport and the metahumans escaping. The final ten minutes involves a battle between Flash and Reverse-Flash that's over far too quickly and easily. Somehow, Oliver and Firestorm turn up to help bring down Reverse-Flash. It's a neat idea, but I'm no fan of too many superheroes in one show. The fact that the battle is over, and Dr Wells is captured, just makes it even more devoid of genuine peril. Me thinks Dr Wells planned this, I hope.

What I liked

Flash versus Reverse-Flash. Brief but it's just the best scrap as always. Seeing them zoom about and slow-motion attacking is great.

Captain Cold was very genuine, cool and helped make the episode. We knew it would go pear-shaped but thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

What I Didn't Like

I don't do multiple super heroes. To think that Arrow would be much good against Reverse-Flash is slightly daft anyway. Thankfully it was brief.


Still no Gidion this week, although her power source was mentioned.

And Finally

An engaging villain helped maintain the episode with a ludicrous-doomed-for-failure metahuman transportation plan. Reverse-Flash batte too brief to be great, and didn't need nor really want the extra heroes in the mix.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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