Monday, 1 June 2015

Food: Marks and Spencer Cappuccino Bar 34g

Food Rating: 10
Value for Money: 8
Overall: 9

Trust me, this tastes amazing!
In A Nutshell

OMG! After spending ten minutes looking around the sweet aisles of M&S, I decided to spend my cash on this little baby of a bar. I love my chocolate. I also love my coffee. On top of all that, I also love my coffee chocolates even more. If you also do, then this is about as good as it gets. It's soft, smooth, chocolatey, and has the added little sprinkles of coffee within and outside it, that are just like whacking that weight with the hammer and watching it spring up to the jackpot.

Technicalities wise, the label calls this a "white and dark chocolate bar with a coffee mousse centre (58%) decorated with milk chocolate (7%)" but that could be reduced to just one word, "delish".

What I liked

Everything! Milk Chocolate. The white chocolate. The mousse on the inside. The coffee taste. The way it feels so silky in the mouth and fluffy.

What I Didn't Like

Well, at near £2 for a bar no bigger than a Mars Bar, it's not cheap.

It's also not very big. I did nibble it to try to extend its longevity but lets face it, this should be gone in two chomps really.


Heaven in my hand
How can something so small bring so much joy? Seems to be a recurring sentence in my life.

And Finally

It's not cheap, but for once it's a chocolate bar worth paying double the normal price for. It's lush, it's sophisticated and it's darn well tasty. If you like smooth chocolate and coffee, you should love this.

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