Monday, 1 June 2015

Game of Thrones: S05E08: "Hardhome"

Rating: 8

In A Nutshell

Now this a lot more like it!

Lots of interesting things going on in this episode, although very few get the coverage that the North does, especially in the second half. If the first section had been as good as the second, this could have been an epic episode. As it happens, in 1st part we got a few scenes of nothing much new really; Cersei in jail refusing to confess and feeling very sorry for herself. Arya learning some more faceless man tricks and tools. And, Sansa confronting Reek/Theon who confesses a little about his past and what happened, but then legs it under pressure for more confessions. All this was mostly intriguing, except for Arya's plotline which I still find boring. Faceless man? More like pointless man to me. Anyhow, where things were much more interesting was elsewhere, especially with Tyrion's conversations with Daenerys. Absolutely top notice exchange of words, and amazing advice given out by the Tyrion and listened upon by the Queen. However, things are on a new level altogether in the North, where Jon Snow, his crow crew and Wildling ally Tormund  , now arrive somewhere (I dunno, it's all white and hilly up there) on boats and confront hundreds of other wildlings, led by man in bones. He's soon dispensed of by Tormund for refusing to listen to reason. A later meeting with the wildling elders goes half in Jon's favour as he makes the case for peace and relocation. Things go very pear-shaped when the White Walkers arrive though and rain down terror in the extreme on everyone. Epic confrontation, battles, blood, guts and awful ways to be mutilated follow. It's everyone for themselves as they try to hold off the walkers before retreating to the boats whilst the majority get slaughtered. As the row row row the boat merrily along, we see one of the White Walker "seniors" resurrect the dead, thus adding to their army. Eeek.

What I liked

Tat second half! The north has never been so interesting. The tension with Jon Snow arriving in the north of the wall land was immense. You'd expect things to kick off at any moment. As it happens, only man of bones did. The rest got quite heated but I half expected all out fighting amongst crows and wildlings. Everyone saw reason quite quickly ... well, almost all. Then the walkers attacking! That was over 10 minutes of epic battle.

Tyrion/Daenerys conversation; probably the only time I'm going to like her.

What I Didn't Like

The first half was slower and quieter. I find the whole faceless man stuff incredibly dull and see nothing that's going to draw me into that.

Seems IMMENSELY convenient that the White Walker army arrived at that moment. Far too convenient if you ask me. The longer the battle went though, the more I forgave this contrived timing issue.


STILL No Brienne or Podrick. Sob Sob.

STILL No Varys. Although he gets mentioned.

So, Jon Snow's sword seem to repel White Walker's weapons too. Interesting.

I'm going to assume that the White Walker Army arrived purely to take advantage of the situation or because they wanted to claim the dragonglass? Were they really just passing through at the right moment?

And Finally

Second half was amazing. Tension up north and battling was fantastic. Very Lord of the Rings like but still great.

Rating: 8 out of 10 (Could have got my best score so far, had the rest of the episode lived up to the North's tension and fighting)

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