Monday, 8 June 2015

Game of Thrones: S05E09: "Dance of Dragons"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

Continuing on from last weeks epic episode (the second half anyways), would the tension ramp up to a dramatic last few episodes? Well, not quite.

This week started with Ramsey's "twenty men is all I need" plan working a treat as he sneaked in, sets lots of tents ablaze and caused havoc in Stannis's camp. With food now short and horses better as dinner than to march with, Stannis sends the Onion "King" reluctantly back to Castle Black for reinforcements. Back at The Wall, there's a momentary pause as Jon Snow brings the wildlings to the gates, stares at his deputy up on the wall, who then does open the gates. You'd think there might have been problems there but the tension dried up in an instant. The wildings trounce through Castle Black freely.

Arya is still selling those cockles and mussels in what feels much like an Eastenders market if it was set in Westeros. She doesn't carry out her poisoning mission when she notices new master of coin Tyrell turn up with lannister guards. She follows him about, where she's very interested in his guard, Meryn Tren, and follows him all the way to the brothel. Meryn Tren's taste for young women makes for a very obvious scene in next week's episode you'd think.

At Dorne everyone is getting very loved up, and spreading peace and harmony, thus truly destroying any tension for the finale next week. Jaime gets pardoned and so does Bronn, of which Ellaria then becomes super sweet and lovely, making you wonder if she's just changing her mood to obey her prince, or because she wants to get even with the lannisters one day? You'd bet on the latter.

Back with Stannis, and a heart to heart with his daughter Shireen, leads to her happily wanting to help her father who was looking longer in the face than any of his horses. Thus she ends up getting led to being burned at the stake. The screams are not very comfortable to listen to and feel very genuine. Even her mum caves in but Stannis holds firm.

Back in Meereen, and the Games have started. Think Gladiator. Some rather dull conversation from where Daenerys is watching proceedings, become more interesting when Jorah takes the stage against four other fighters. As Daenerys virtually bites her nails, he overcomes them all, and then throws a spear at her ... but ... no, it's aimed and kills one of the son of Harpies who are attacking. Things kick off massive style then with the death of Daenerys future husband by the harpy, leading to Jorah and even Tyrion doing some defending with weapons. They are all surrounded in the middle of the pit by tens and tens of harpy, and things are meant to feel tense but alas they'd really would have been had they all got slaughtered. Instead, Drogon comes to the rescue (sigh). And ends with Daenerys taking to the sky on the back of him.

What I liked

Not a huge amount really. The fact that there were two significant scenes in this episode, with Stannis's daughter's sacrifice and the harpy's murdering everyone in sight in the stadium, helped raise things above "average" but as they all went exactly as one could have predicted, they lacked true tension, although the daughter's screams ...

We only got a few Bronn comedy quotes, but they were worth the wait, especially as Tyrion didn't have enough lines to say anything too amusing this week.

What I Didn't Like

Anything involving Arya's plot is dull for me. Interesting to follow master of coin Tyrell's arrival though at Dorne.

Lack of any real tension in the fighting pits really as you knew no serious harm would come to Dany.


As per last week:

STILL No Brienne or Podrick. Sob Sob.

STILL No Varys.

And new this week:

NO Sansa. We want winterfall freed!

NO Cersei or King's Landing. Not that I'm that into that story either, but I'm looking forward to the outcome we all can see coming.

And Finally

Stannis' daughter scene aside, everything else lacked any real tension although the harpy certainly made for action and drama. Still predictable and although I myself might be in awe of a dragon if I was actually there, as far as a viewer on TV goes, it was all a little cheesy for me

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Please lets have that winterfell battle next week!)

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