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Game of Thrones: S05E10: "Mother's Mercy"

Rating: 8

In A Nutshell

Finally season five delivers! This episode was true Game of Thrones. An attribute missing all season, but probably saved up for the finale in spectacular fashion. The one thing that's gripped me about the show over the seasons is that nothing really goes to plan, but this season had been quite procedural and obvious far too often. At last, unpredictable returns, and I loved it!

Starting with the least exciting but certainly right up there with bloodiest, was Arya masquerading with a face that was not her own, as she tricked her way into Meryn Trant's brothel room, and then viciously stabbed him in the eyes, stomach and lastly, after reminding her who she was, the neck. It was horribly gruesome. When she returns the face, she finds out he who has been helping her all season in the house of black and white isn't anyone either. He's got no particular face and she ends up going blind for her betrayal of the rules by killing the wrong man she was asked to kill.

In Dorne it's all loved up once more as everyone says goodbye at the pier. All quite tame and peaceful. At the start of the voyage back home, Marcelleye and Jaime have a heart to heart and it's known then that she knows he's her father. They have a big loving hug, before she starts to bleed from the nose! Yup, she's been poisoned. Those snake sand sister people got their revenge! Going to be interesting position for the Prince next season!

Stannis's plan goes all south up in the North. More troops have deserted overnight. His wife hangs herself and then the priestess legs it on a horse. He continues to storm winterfell but his smaller army is destroyed in the fields. Staggering in the woods, he's eventually greeted by Brienne, who upon knowing he was in town, deserted waiting for Sansa. She gives him his last rights and then attacks him with a final blow with her sword.

Over that big ocean, everyone is playing a game of 'Where's Dany?'. Eventually Daario and Jorah leave to go find her after they know Drogon took her north. They leave Grey Worm in charge, with Missandei and Tyrion to advise. Great stuff as Vary's returns at the end and has a reunion with Tyrion. Dany though is someone up on a grass hill, with Drogon, who has had a feast but is tired from his injuries and wants to rest. Dany goes off for a walk for food and finds herself literally surrounded by hundreds of Dothraki.

Back at Winterfell and Sansa tries to escape. She lights that candle in the top tower but Brienne isn't looking anymore. Sansa is confronted by Ramsey's lover and Theon who order her back to her room. However, Sansa doesn't care and would rather die. Facing being cut up a little, Theon jumps Myranda and she ends up falling to her death. Squash! Hearing that Ramsey is back from his victory, they both hold hands and jump of the top of the castle into what I assume will be a lot of snow below.

At King's Landing, Cersei confesses to her crimes. Well, one of them. She missed out the Jaime one. So, High Sparrow grants she may return, prior to a court hearing, to her home. But first she must have atonement. So, she gets dirtied, hair cut off and made to parade naked through the streets of the city as the public watch and abuse her verbally and with any food they can find. Once back in the castle grounds, she's in a bad way with her feet and humiliation. Her maester Qyburn though looks after her and introduces the new look head of the king's guard, zombie Mountain in armour! He carries off Cersei to be looked after and has vowed to kill all the king's enemies.

At The Wall, Jon allows Sam, missus and baby to go to the citadel and become a maester. He then has Olly come to his office and tell him his cousin, Benjen Stark has been found! An excited Jon goes out to find himself surrounded by disgruntled crows who then murder him! Wowzers!

What I liked

Unpredictable is back! Stannis's defeat, Marcellye's death and Jon's death were just what the show needed!

Varys back! Varys and Tyrion!

What I Didn't Like

Arya's plot, although very bloody, I didn't feel that was like her. She hasn't really learned that kind of attacking skills, although the art of surprise and a quick stab to the eyes will gain you a quick advantage I guess! Still, it didn't seem at all like her. Her pittance though was just as gruesome as she finds out she is blind.

Cersei's scenes were longer than one would like but they were very useful in helping us feel her humiliation and pain.

No real Sansa outcome is a little cruel on us, but I'm betting they are both fine after leaping into what I assume was lots of snow and ice.

Brienne and Podrick only had small scenes but you'd say significant to how things went down with Sansa not being rescued and Stannis being chopped.


Don't reckon Stannis is dead. But think it would be more GoT if he was. We never got to see for sure and that leaves doubt in my mind.

Benjen Stark was mentioned! Great. I'd been wondering since season one but alas it was just a lie to lead Jon to his death.

And Finally

Unpredictable and just as I like it. Never cared much for Stannis and Jon but enjoyed their story along the way. Very few I care for. Still would like Dany to be massacred but looks like I'll have to wait for that to happen!

Rating: 8 out of 10 (Lots of mystery for next season and some brutal ending to some characters).

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