Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Flash: S01E23: "Fast Enough"

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

I'd left it a week to see this finale and was quite hyped given what I'd heard online and on social media. Sadly, it failed to live up to the promise I thought I was going to get. Things started off on dubious grounds with the decision to go ahead with Dr Wells' plan to create a wormhole so Barry can save his mum and Wells gets to go home (via a time machine that was so ridiculously quickly built, but I'll ignore that). The morale dilemma was littered with questionable decisions with everyone mostly happy to have Barry reset time to save his mum (except his Dad didn't agree). Never mind, Barry cared less about all that it seems. Caitlin married Ronnie in a sub-plot I guess, and Eddie (ecstatic by talk of him being an coincidence that could not be explained) hitched up with Iris, who seemed to lap it up so quickly.

So, Barry went Mach 2 like (which I guess he'll be able to do whenever he wants now?) and created the wormhole with help of an hydrogen atom, and getting directed to the correct point in time. He's at his house at the right time, but sees future Flash suggest to him not to rescue his mum. So, he doesn't. He has a heart to heart with her that was quite touching I admit. Shame he didn't think of trying to help his dad out before he legged it back to Star Lab present time. Here he arrived with a bang and scuppered Dr Wells going home by smashing up his time machine for no reason I can think off other than being angry about his mum. Guess that's a good reason but not very sensible if you think clearly. Anyhow, they have a mini-fight before Eddie shoots himself, thus ultimately killing Dr Wells.

Almost game over you'd think, but no, things with the wormhole go south and it creates a singularity ripping up the city! Certainly many more people have died already due to Barry's daft decision, before Barry goes super fast to try to stop the singularity from growing.

The End. Cliffhanger!

What I liked

Barry made right decision not to save his mum but spend time with her. The only issue though is that no one would be able to fathom out why, other than he saw future Flash suggest not to save her. Very odd he'd do it solely on that, without any real tangible conversation with future Flash.

Great to see Eddie make the sacrifice in a genuine tearful moment. Although this was setup from the beginning and suggested several times during episode, I still couldn't figure out if it would happen as it didn't seem to be necessary until Barry came back and took out Wells.

The conversations Barry and Cisco had with Dr Wells were very good and revealing.

What I Didn't Like

Too many dubious decisions; this ultimately destroyed the episode for me and stopped it getting a higher score and ascending to must-watch levels. The decision to actually go back in time and save his mum was so questionable. I know he's been wanting to do this for a lifetime, but surely it didn't take a genius to realise that was not a good idea? A whole lot of circumstances, people in his life and their own lives would be destroyed by this move. Although his dad advised him not to, he still did it. I'm totally surprised everyone else was willing to give everything up just for Barry!

Why Barry Why? Why did you come back all angry? That he couldn't save his mum? I guess that would charge emotions and that was all Dr Well's fault, but surely he could see that it'll be a whole lot better to let Wells return home and everyone would be reasonably in a safer world? Just daft not to.

We missed any real decent Flash Versus Reverse-Flash battle. A quite few seconds that ended all too quickly in Dr Well's favour but then ultimately ended by Eddie's sacrifice. Disappointing.

A season ending cliffhanger. Why?


Odds are we haven't seen the last of Dr Wells or Eddie.

Isn't Iris going to be mad at Barry for coming back, wrecking Dr Well's machine and ultimately leading to Eddie killing himself?

Gideon! Hello? Every has forgotten the super tech AI in the lab!

And Finally

Failed to live up to the promise. Can't get over some of the decision making ultimately. Lack of any serious Flash versus Reverse-Flash was disappointing. Cliffhanger a real downer too. Don't like end of season cliffhangers.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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