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Extant: S02E04: "Cracking the Code"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Things don't start off on a good foot in this episode, once again, because we start with Molly doing her nails and acting all "weird" and spooked by a pigeon flying into her window. Yeah, as if that wasn't a WTF moment, we're all quickly trying to realise how this links into last week's ending, what with Toby being shot. Minor issue perhaps? Anyhow, a minute later we get the flashback to the end of last week, and a quick few seconds of Molly running to Toby's side and discovering he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Sigh. Strange, as I thought those weren't traditional guns? Possibly I got that wrong, but regardless, this was a "Well, thanks for that pathetic cliffhanger ending" whose conclusion they fobbed off on us in mere minutes. It's scenes like this which don't do the show any favours.

Charlie spends the whole episode babysitting Ethan and Lucy, the latter of whom encourages Ethan to go all rebel and find out who Molly is, whom he keeps remembering. Thus, off he goes to their old house, where a very convenient builder guy turns up to tell him not to be in what's a derelict house, before pointing him to a red poster, which seems to contain lots of information about the building. From this Ethan gets Molly's address and off he goes on his scooter once more. Eventually Charlie and Lucy are in pursuit and come across two comedy like drug dealers who earlier nicked Ethan's scooter. When threatened, Lucy beats up one of them, but not before they figure out where Ethan went anyway. Like Ethan just moments before, they too seem to just walk into Molly's apartment like it's an open house, and there they find Ethan unconscious. His brain once again shut down on him after absorbing too much Molly related stuff which was wiped from his brain. Yeah, we all feel like that with Molly my son.

JD this week easily breaks into some health centre for pregnant women, essentially to see some conveniently staged altercations that make him think it's not a good place for his daughter. It's ridiculous, but JD rocks. He tries to stop his daughter going to the health centre in spectacular fashion by shooting out the tyres of the car she tries to drive, but she then nicks the motorbike. JD gives chase in his jeep. So, that's 3 vehicles he's got? Odd. Even more strange than that, the next time we cut back to JD, he's at home. Seems even this great private detective can't give a decent car chase. No mention of it at all. Having got Molly in on his daughter's pregnancy thing, an earlier blood test that Molly did says there is nothing wrong with JD's daughter's baby. Group hug everyone. Was this just to get JD and daughter together? I'd have thought her having alien baby would have been an ideal sub-plot but alas no. Or is it?

Molly spends most of this week in Toby's government building in their new DNA lab, where experts high and low are trying to work out how to kill the mutants but not normal humans. They don't' seem to be getting anywhere, but Molly speeds along after a super alien tripping moment where she works out a lot about the alien DNA that even the nearest scientist seemed too thick to appreciate, and finds a sound wave embedded in their DNA. They play it over the speaker and it sounds like static to everyone except ... you guessed it ... Molly. She hears the words "Help Me!" which is pretty much what us viewers are thinking right now. At the end of the episode we have a Molly steamy shower scene, where she seems to be going a little weird alien trip on us again, but ends up seeing writing on the mirror in the bathroom with the words "Ethan was here". Did the alien trip do that? Or Ethan?

What I liked

JD; still, easily the most intriguing and engaging character in show. Somehow he manages to make the ridiculous dialogue or clunky scenes actually believable and interesting.

The alien DNA sub-plot is an interesting one although I'm doubting it'll produce any high-brow stuff.

After JD, his daughter does a decent job, even if it is a bit like a teenager stumping about. She at least carries the emotion with intent.

Charlie remains a likeable cast member, although this week he's babysitting both humanoids.

It was ridiculous to watch, but I did at least giggle when Molly woke up in shock at that guy in her bed. Yup, we had another Molly date scene earlier when she tripped out and brought a man home.

What I Didn't Like

Was it just me, but I had the opening credits (2 seconds of it) at the 14 minute mark in this episode. Odd!

Which reminds me; still got that long opening "Hi, my name is Molly and this is my story" opening sequence.

This has fast become, once again, the Molly show. Everything is about her, which wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't so horribly acted. She comes across as a crazy women, but not a very believable one because there seems to be little logic or process to what she does. Some of this is obviously alien induced, and that's made somewhat clear most of the time, but it all seems so much like B-movie acting.


... thrown in the bin? This is all the alien DNA thing that later Molly goes all alien trip on us and waves her hand about in a gesturing mode to rearrange everything.

When a smirking man's face in bed with a shocked Molly is a highlight of the episode, you know this show's got problems.

Charlie seemed to spend the whole journey in the car not watching the road. I know these cars can be automatic but he did appear to be actually driving it, although rarely looking.

The most amusing drug dealers in the world. Stereotypes anyone?

... and us. Molly sex is not what we want to see. Thankfully JD wrestles her off him in one of her alien tripping moments.

Seems instant messaging is back in fashion in the future. Probably the most boring simple conversation Charlie and Lucy have ever had.

That'll work Courtney. JD's daughter and JD have the most emotional scenes in the show.

But did he or the aliens write this?
And Finally

The actual "bad guys" of the show didn't appear in this episode. Refreshing maybe, as all they do is have their eyes glow, give cryptic words, and try to mate.

This was an episode overdosed on Molly narcissism. Sigh.

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