Thursday, 16 July 2015

Falling Skies: S05E02: "Hunger Pains"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

This week, Falling Skies is brought to you by the words "food" and "skitters".

Yes, relentless attacks by disorganised hordes of skitters leads to the 2nd mass losing their food supply and reminding us (after an 8 days later graphic) very constantly that they are starving, by way of people walking around looking wary and Matt's new girlfriend collapsing. Yup, in this episode he goes from nothing, to almost base one in cheesy stomach curling junior school romance style. A plan is hatched to go via a very convenient storm drain system to get to a nearby distribution store warehouse. They find food, but almost rather predictably, they also find trouble, thanks to a sister who has a half brother/half alien for company. Lying to her that they can cure her brother, she falls hook, line and sinker for that, and allows them to take the food, and her brother (in a crate) back to the 2nd mass.

Meanwhile, whilst they were away, our mechanic extraordinaire, Mike, builds a remote controlled weapon of some sorts from alien tech. He's pretty damn amazing, huh? Sigh. Tom continues to have random hallucinations, whilst that fly from last week remains in a glass jar awaiting study, as a million times it's presence is reminded to us. At the end, a makeshift magnifying device reveals that the fly is made up of human and alien parts. It suddenly, but predictably, then takes off. Tom and his missus then give chase, perform some fantastic tracking techniques that is sure to lead to them becoming beekeepers one day, as they pursue the fly for what must be a few miles. They they discover that the fly has friends, although exactly what was going on I couldn't tell from the CGI mess. Looked like skitters and flies together on mass.

What I liked

Them going out on a food run sort of reminded me of classic "The Walking Dead". Not as tense or dramatic perhaps but that sneaking about with guns in the dark is always a good watch.

Well, the fly isn't mechnical like I thought, but genetically made up of lots of species. Yuck.

What I Didn't Like

Another CGI mess with the skitters, but as there was so much going on, it wasn't as noticeable.

Tom's visions just seemed completely pointless this week.

The way everything is quite predictable and contrived in this show was on overload this week.

Tom and his missus can follow a fly for miles? I can barely see them move across the front room without losing sight of them!


Fish is off the menu! And so is eating cooked skitter. Doesn't seem to agree with human intestines.

Ahh, the plot lazy but very convenient storm tunnels to get about

Oh, look, the food warehouse subplot involved getting trapped. Who'd have thought that?

Skitter overload this week!

The fly has human eyes! Not on the same scale of size of course. Could have been animal eyes too, so not sure why they jumped to conclusion that they were human.

And this is what Tom and missus discovered at the end after following that fly. Yeah, no idea for sure what it is either.

And Finally

Pretty unremarkable but not too offensive this week either. The usual sort of contrived, cheesy and pointless dialogue of course, but it just about held together some interest.

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