Friday, 31 July 2015

Falling Skies: S05E03 "Hatchlings"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

The excitement of knowing this is the final season is still keeping me going! This episode is much "meh" but thankfully not too bad overall.

Things start off with everyone heading off on a jolly walk through the woods, avoiding mummy and daddy bear, towards where the skitters were all on mass at the end of last week's awful CGI visual shot. Using some chemical spray they've used before, they send their new remote control drone up over the critter pool, and BOMBS AWAY!, it kills the majority of them. But, alas, all is not good, because the numbers soon return. Seems the critters are restoring their numbers from someone. Perhaps via copy/paste on the CGI maybe?

We then get a rather cringe investing scene with Maggie and the girl whose alien-mutated brother they tricked last week. Seems the girl has figured that no one can help her brother anyway. She seems to really jump on the fact that Maggie can communicate with her brother via her spikes. It's very awfully acted. I almost had to watch from behind the sofa, it was that bad. Anyhow, eventually of course, the alien brother and sister simply escape, or walk out the camp without anyone noticing, sigh, and the pursuit of them leads them to find an overlord. A few bang bangs later and brother, sister and overlord are dead, yet the overlord isn't quite, so he's taken back to camp, where's he rather barbarically tortured. Maggie and Ben then "spike up" together to infiltrate the overlord's mind with some acting that's like off a b-movie, which leads to them discovering the location of a skitter creation site. It's housed in some disused warehouse (naturally). We witness the 2nd mass taking that out in mere minutes, but not before Pope's poor girlfriend, Sarah, succumbs to nasty alien killer mist. Pope is enraged that killing skitters was more important than saving his lover's life. All hell is going to break out next week as we end with a scene of a very cheesed off Pope.

What I liked

Not much really. They didn't go anywhere with the brother/sister thing really that we hadn't seen before. The Pope/Sarah moments were probably the best. Quite sincere and funny.

What I Didn't Like

Where do I start? The fact that overlords are now as easy to take down and play with as plasticine? The awful b-movie acting? Tom always shouting and raving like he has a hamburger in his mouth? The ease that they took down this skitter factory? There's so many questionable stuff this week.


Forgot to get any screen shots :( Ahh, didn't miss much anyway.

And Finally

Nothing amazing. Very much everything you've seen before regurgitated into another typical episode of ridiculous dialogue, acting and the usual grim looking people shooting and killing aliens.

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