Monday, 20 July 2015

Podcast Review: The Explainers (Specifically, Episode 3)

Rating: 4 (Awful)
*Based on listening to episode 3

In A Nutshell

Admittedly I've only listened to one episode but usually it's possible to gain an appreciation of how other episodes might go from just the one, and my impressions from what I heard were not very good indeed.

There are 4 episodes of roughly 25 minutes in this series, which is a decent run time, although a short series. One episode was enough for me. I'd tuned into the 3rd episode in the series, entitled "Did a UFO Crash in North Wales?". The two "investigators" are reasonably likeable and clear in their beliefs or lack of, and reasonably sensible in terms of what content is needed for such a show. Sadly though, a lot of it is just plain boring. They either spend their time talking about non-relevant issues or making a mockery out of interviews with any genuine witnesses.

I struggled to get through the 25 minutes as I'd had enough after just 10. These two revealed nothing, except for how they can waste good subject matter, witnesses, and 25 minutes of your life.

What I liked

The subject matter; I'd seen documentaries mentioning the UFO crash in Wales so this caught my curiosity to hear what, you may think was a good team, of a sceptic and believer investigate.

The running time of around 25 minutes is a decent period for a weekly show.

The idea of a believer and non-sceptic (X-Files like) is something that might be old hat but should be able to produce a good ping pong of ideas and views.

What I Didn't Like

The believer, of which I'm not sure who is who from their names, is just plain annoying in his absolutely OTT lengths he goes to make anything remotely believable sound like a farce.

25 minutes of these two is at least 20 minutes too long sadly.

The content sounds good on paper, but these two make everyone they interview look like a comedy character by not asking any genuinely investigative questions without quickly sounding stupid.


There's 4 (ok, maybe 5 if you count the introduction) episodes in this series. Great range of topics, but as to if they are any good, I'm not willing to put myself through them after the episode I suffered.
And Finally

You can listen to clips of the show here as well as find where to listen to the episodes and download them to listen to.

I was thoroughly disappointed so much with what I heard in the one episode that there was absolutely nothing in it that would make me want to hear these two again.

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