Monday, 20 July 2015

The Last Ship: S02E01

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

I was so looking forward to this show returning and it did not disappoint! Wham Bang; straight into the action! For me, even liking this show last season was a big surprise as I don't tend to watch military stuff or shows about viruses getting loose, but it was certainly more engaging than I thought thanks to lots of likeable characters, a premise that really works and is captured in great realistic detail, and, of course, great action!

There was no "Previously" on the on-demand episode, as one was thrown straight into where things left off last season. After 5 minutes I was so baffled I had to quickly watch a recap video on YouTube to remind me, as I'd totally forgotten that the ship was taken over by the authority of the local governor lady in the city's port they'd pulled into. After discovering that she was basically creating a super-elite environment of only the best and brightest people, whilst dumping all the dead to create their electricity, relationships between the USS Nathan James ship crew and her went south quickly than this virus spread around the world!

So, we kick off with the russian doctor in a bad way on the bridge where a few of our crew are being held captive as they try to save his life, whilst trying hard to not let on that the medical bag contains a sample of the cure. The rest of the crew are gathered into a holding room, after one guy makes a run for it, jumps off the side of the ship, and escapes into the water. Yup, it's that kind of show, but you forgive it all that, cause for the most part, this is enjoyable stuff, so the silly stuff is easily forgotten. As the russian doctor bleeds out and gets progressively worse, the oppressors fail to find the cure and grow more annoyed and desperate. After it's discovered that the doctor's wife and daughter are on board the ship, the oppressors try to use the threat of shooting her to get the cure location from the doctor, whom they seem to think must know where it is. In one of the most disturbing scenes from the show's existence, and a little B-Movie like, the doctor refuses to reveal anything and removes what was stemming his wound and essentially bleeds out to death, with blood squirting everywhere like a burst water mains!

Meanwhile, on land, the captain puts his children into the care of one of his senior officials, as he and a couple crew members go to strike back at the lady governor by taking out her electricity generating facility. They sneak in rather effectively before going all gung-ho in a great sequence of action, to capture the facility. Here, they meet up with the local rebels (the head of which is Lost's Man in Black, woohoo!) and together they agree a plan to take down the governor's headquarters and get control of the ship once more.

Back at the governor's facility where everyone is enjoying a sterile and comfy living, we find Tex (the bearded highly enjoyable guy) sneaking into the Government Facilities, named AVOCET, and within the space of two minutes, he's wearing a security guard uniform and walking about the facility with a gun. This takes some believing that someone would turn up at the gate, volunteer to help them, and seconds later be in trusted locations of the building, but hey, we'll try to ignore that, as Tex is a lovable guy. Anyhow, he makes contact with our main doctor, Dr Scott, who is being imprisoned by the governor to make more of the cure. As they hatch a plan to escape, they discover that one of the ship's' crew has been retrieved as it's been discovered that she's pregnant and thus the "bad guys" want to operate on her to remove her baby's stem cells!

What I liked

The Russian Doctor I'd always had sympathy for, as he really did start to do some good work when he was working as a spy for the russians who had his family captive. His heroic death was graphic and really helped add to the high stakes at play.

Tex; steals every scene he's in. The Captain is also a very tough James Kirk like individual. You just know he's got the brains and the brawn to win the day.

Great action scenes that make you punch the air with joy!

What I Didn't Like

Doctor Scott, as cute as she is, she does go around with an emotionless face and forever sounds like she's in a mood.

Tex's quick transition into a security guard after just volunteering less than 5 minutes previously in the show was just a ridiculous turn of events to really take without a little lack of credibility.


Could have been a scene from The Walking Dead, as bodies are tossed about with disregard and burnt for electric.
It's Lost's Man in Black! Woohoo! Well, ok, not the same character, as he's the rebel leader in this show. Highly likeable guy though.

You just wouldn't want to mess with this crew member. Make a great American Football player maybe? Just needs a big hug.

Our Russian doctor bows out of the show in the most bloody fashion ever.

Tex as a security guard is believable. The fact that he got the job in less than an hour or so is not so believable.

Could be from the X-Files, as the pregnant crew member is hastily prepared for surgery.

And Finally

They even gave the show a new opening credits sequence! Yes, last season it was all of a few seconds. This season, at least 10 seconds! Much better. We didn't want a long one for this kind of show, but a couple seconds was too quick by far.

This was a great opener, doing what the show does best; action, drama and likable characters.

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