Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Last Ship: S02E02

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

This episode is essentially a continuation of last week's episode. Hardly worth splitting them up really as it only served to lesson all the tension built up last week, and the reasons behind it all. One can sum up this episode very quickly; the crew take back the ship and kick some serious ass! It all feels very much like good guys versus bad guys, no matter how they dressed up the realities that the government lady faced to build her superior nation, surrounded by civilisation being wiped out all around her. Despite this, there were at least a few moments of members of her guards showing some sympathy with the ship crew, instead of being hard arsed trigger happy tough guys. It was hard to work out what the point of that was, when her guards were essentially gun hungry bullies most of the time. Can understand the civilians being able to change their minds, but the guards? Thankfully there was only a little of that and it didn't detract from the action, of which this episode didn't disappoint.

The Captain's family get back to the ship, not before the crew have retaken it, stopped the scary baby operation from occurring and taken down the government lady, in a series of high octane, yet conveniently choreographed scenes. It was a genuine surprise, and disappointment, when the lead rebel guy was gunned down when confronting the government lady, which of course led to the captain getting to engage with her. Despite everything being against her, and refusing to apologize or truly give up, she still picked up the walkie and told her people to "stand down", of which there couldn't have been too many left given the slaughter of her guys throughout the show. Her daughter had already been shot in the stomach in a hard to grasp wrestling scene with a female guard who was all mean until the gun went off, and then ran away frightened over what had happened. One minute tough. Next minute a wreck? That was odd.

Onboard the ship, it was great yet comic book stuff as the crew took out all the "bad guys" of which the Lieutenant Slattery spent most of his time in the backup bridge, helping his guys take down the ship in true american military style. Why he stayed in there so long I don't know, but he did get a fight scene with the guy who led the bad guys attack on the ship, ending their brutal battle with an axe to the chest. Yikes!

So, it ends with a true patriotic musical few minutes, as everyone comes to terms with what's happened, licking their wombs and mourning the fallen. It's cheesy, but it's a well matured cheese that although goes OTT on military ways and the American spirit, it still has enough character and decent action to work. Can't quite work out what happened to all the civilians in the government building. I'll assume they are now on the ship, as are the captain's children. Be interesting to see where this series goes next.

What I liked

Lieutenant Slattery in the backup bridge was a little laughable but you gotta love this guy, and the actor. He really makes his scenes mean something.

Action, and lots of it. Sure, it's way too unbelievable at times with all that shooting going on, but it's darn good eye candy.

What I Didn't Like

Wasn't happy that Rebel leader (aka Lost's Man in Black) was taken out so meekly. I'd have loved to see him have a recurring role, but alas, it had to be the American Navy guys who had to win the day.

Was a little too perfect a recapture and easy takeover of building, but, hey, sometimes you just got to overlook these things :/


The ONE guy left to defend the power plant, holds off what were tens of "bad guys", disposing of them like candy sweets. He also gets out of the station unchallenged. That's ... either lucky ... or well scripted.

Axe to chest always works

No No No, not the "lethal dead in 2 seconds suicide injection". Yup, she goes with a whimper.

Poignant scenes like this might be patriotic and military OTT, but they do remind us all of the seriousness and genuine emotions that this show intends to deliver to us.

And Finally

Not quite up to the level of the opener, due to a lack of intrigue and mystery, as this was just like a western style shoot them up. It was, however, enjoyable.

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