Sunday, 2 August 2015

Extant S02E05 - "The New Frontier"

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

Although far from anywhere near good, this was a much better episode than the last few, thanks to a faster moving pace in story, a high dosage of JD, and a couple of shock moments that always help any dire situation.

Things kick off with us being tricked into thinking Lucy was out in a club taking down a hybrid, but it was in fact a VR field test. She did an outstanding job in the test, especially as Lucy's much happier not having that inhibiting code that Charlie didn't add to her, which Julie still doesn't know about. We can be sure she will find out, as this episode there was plenty of mention of this fact, as if we didn't know Lucy was a sort of loose cannon. This is further highlighted with conversations she has with Ethan, and even later when she goes out for lunch with Charlie, and breaks off mid conversation to follow a suspected hybrid and stabbing him fatally in the back of the neck with a knife. At the end of the episode, all the government people are almost having a party over her successful first hybrid kill, which all of a sudden they seem to be able to detect hybrids based on the fact soly that they have a lower body temperature than normal humans. Don't recall that being mentioned before? Ahh Well. It was a genuine disturbing few seconds to see emotionless Lucy take the hybrid out. I was sure she'd got the wrong person, but I guess that's likely to happen in a future episode ...

Meanwhile, Molly is on the "Ethan!" emotional trip of last series, now that she, with JD, figure out that Julie/Charlie have Ethan. A tense confrontation at Julie's flat leads to a very senior government lady getting involved back at security HQ, where she interviews Ethan before getting Molly and Julie together. It's undoubtedly clear these two hate each other right now, and quite how Molly managed to get through the interview without going fully crazed out, I'll never know. She was quite heated in the scenes we saw, but she somehow managed to hold it together, as it was agreed that Ethan should spend some time with Molly on occasions.

Skimming around those two storylines was JD, who is investigating Molly's husband's death for her. He finally is convinced something bizarre is happening, and he's not pinning it on some outrageous plot writing. One of his mates gets him the "black box" from John's trashed car, and then another mate hacks it, to find that indeed it was an odd accident, but also that Julie made an encrypted call just after seeing John that fateful day. What exactly that tells us that we don't know, I'm not sure, but JD wanted to meet Molly to discuss it. However, on route, Molly bumps into the guy she had one of the crazy sex trips with a few weeks ago. He wants more, but a sane Molly doesn't. Then things go really weird as the guy starts seeing his mum (it's laughably played), and those alien signs appear on his skin. An alien glowing eyes on Molly later, and he's running in front of a car, just at the same time JD turns up. "WTF?!" JD asks, which given he couldn't see her eyes or the alien markings, I'm not sure what he thinks Molly has done, but anyhow, she confesses she might have done it. Sent that man to his death, that is.

What I liked

JD; once again, thanks to him being much more heavily involved in the episode. Aside from a rather clunky couple sentences with Molly during one scene, everything else this guy said and did was dynamite.

Safe to say the Lucy hybrid kill was quite abrupt and a surprise just a few seconds after she was munching on a meal.

Some actually pleasant moments with Ethan this week, as he's interviewed by the government lady. The subject of which is about a humanoid being deserving of human rights, was worked quite nicely.

What I Didn't Like

The crazy Molly moments. The ones where she looks like she's got an intense headache and acts all tripped out. I get what's going on, but they really do comes across as like it's a child acting them.

Molly and the glowing eyes moment. It was a surprise I guess, but it was so badly acted.


If you like your JD with a generous amount of clothes missing, you'll like this scene.

Lucy's emotionless hybrid kill was a different way to have your lunch.
All that technology and he can't draw? Jeez Ethan.
Molly scares us, and that's long before her eyes started to glow.

No JD daughter at all this week at all! Strange, but it was all good, as things went along quite fast paced, given us little time to concentrate on the weakness of this show which most of the time feels like it's acted by dummies. Lucy's shock hybrid kill just barely seconds after drinking some juice, worked very nicely. Molly's cliffhanger with the glowing lights was intriguing, if horribly performed like some sort of village pantomime.

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