Saturday, 22 August 2015

Extant: S02E08: "Arms and the Humanich"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Just about keeping itself out of total boredom this week, thanks to some moments of action and a quicker pace to the storytelling.

This started off very well, as the scriptwriters tried to kill off the aliens and the show as quickly as possible by sending in the humanich army to absolutely cause merry hell. There's bodies flying everywhere under a hail mary of bullets, yet despite having the upper hand, they stop shooting and unleash the virus. Absolutely makes little sense really and just prolongs our agony of the season not being concluded early.

Lunatic Lucy spots Molly with Herra (the little girl) and accidently shoots Molly who tries to protect the girl. Not to worry, because that gunshot didn't really seem to hurt her much as seconds later, thanks to JD returning to blast Lucy, they are off back to JD's ranch with Ahdu (Molly's alien son) who has succumbed to the virus barely seconds after everyone wondered why the army left. He's in bad shape just as JD's ex-wife turns up at what seems to be the only other place besides the alien camp to previously be not on Google Maps. She freaks out when Ahdu's eyes glow, but not because of the bad CGI, but because she's scared of being bored by him. Not really, she's just scared.

Anyhow, JD gives her a talk similar to the birds and the bees and she takes it quite well, with a swig of whiskey. Minor freak-out aside, the premise of an alien invasion on earth seems to be quite realistic to her and she returns to just being slightly apprehensive about Ahdu. Wow, she's taking all talk of alien stuff much better than JD originally did! Speaking of which, he turns himself in so his daughter gets released.

Molly, who has recovered from a gunshot womb in record time, comes up with the most ridiculous plan to save Ahdu, which involves going back to the GSC to get help from the only other scientist character who actually spoke in the show previously. Sneakily she meets him in a diner, as you do, and forces him to get what turns out to be a blood transfusion kit. I'm not sure she couldn't have gone elsewhere for one of those, but hey ho. She uses it on the very ill Ahdu, who has aged to about 65 now, but it doesn't help. She allows him to pass away peacefully under the stars outside. Awww, bless. His dying words of course were the most useful he's ever spoken, when he tells her not to trust some of the other hybrids, particularly the scary little girl, Herra. Think we all could have figured that out. Upset, Molly heads inside the house, sniffles, and then sees she's also bleeding blood from areas you really shouldn't. The transfusion kit that failed to work on her son, she decides to try on herself(doesn't it need to be sterilised?) and of course that doesn't work so she turns herself in to GSC boss, Toby.

Meanwhile, crazy Lucy, is very much damaged goods both mentally and physically. Charlie and Julie want to "reboot" her like we all do with our mobiles and PCs, but Ethan informs her and she goes ape on Julie, throttling her, until a now better-informed Ethan (via Charlie) saves the day by literally pulling Lucy apart.

What I liked

Poor JD. Even in this episode he got some of the lousiest lines and scenes, but at least he and his ex add more presence to a scene than anyone else, even if they still say daft things.

Ethan, Charlie and Julie combine this week to create a half-decent sub-plot with the now-deemed-crazy, Lucy.

The super humanich army attacking was pretty great for an opener, but then they defied all drama by withdrawing and using the virus. Why?

What I Didn't Like

Molly; every scene was pretty dull. The "oh look, I've a bloody nose" led in to the virus discovery for her and Ahdu, and was just so cheese infested and lame.

The GSC scientist getting "forced" by Molly to get what's essentially a blood transfusion kit was pretty odd. She could almost have gone anywhere for that device. Plus, does it not need cleaning between transfusions?


In perhaps the most atmospheric scene since season 1, episode 1, the approaching human-robot army is quite an impressive one. Sadly, it's all major damp squid a minute later.

Take a deep breathe and some whiskey and listen, says JD. He's an alien.
Oh right, says his Ex very relaxed about the whole concept.

Just missing some hair and stormtroopers, chewbecca, I mean JD, is taken prisoner by the GSC.

Blood transfusion was worth the shot, but rather basic idea one would think against a deadly virus.

Lucy tries to do us all a big favour by taking out Julie, but Ethan saves the day. Damm boy!

And Finally

It's not good on any level, but even a crazy Lucy and human-robot army attack can't save this episode from being nothing more than passable stuff to watch.

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