Sunday, 30 August 2015

Extant: S02E09 "The Other Side"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Now this episode felt like filler, and no more so than Molly spending the whole episode on death's door, forcing us to watch her dream as she was at a circus with her dad. Naturally, this was supposed to be her mind recreating the scenery, and we had to witness lots of the main cast in various circus related roles. I'm not a big fan of circuses and I'm less so now after witnessing this heller of Extant's idea of one. I'll ignore the specifics as it's not worth the typing, but suffice to say she's getting over how her Dad cheated on her mom, and not wanting to return to the real world because it's a rubbish place. Hard to disagree. This whole show might be much better without Molly.

Meanwhile, the rest of the episode deals with JD being released and drinking scotch with Toby who claims that John's death must have come from a higher authority than him, leaving that scary government lady as the only person we've seen this season who could have done it? Still, we're all pretty sure he's alive, so maybe that'll get revealed next week because he'll probably be needed now that the humanichs are being unleashed once again thanks to those pesky hybrids. Julie has developed a backbone this week, sobs a lot, wants to do good and gives Ethan his Molly memories back, and then takes him to visiting the dying Molly, whose last request before entering her coma was to see Ethan. However, that goes awry when we're led to believe Molly has died near the end, as all hell breaks loose around the GSC. We've got hybrids on the loose. Seems that little girl of a hybrid, Hera, was in the morgue, but pretending to be dead. She then does a snake trick, shreds her skin and becomes a teen Hera who releases the other hybrids from a cell in the GSC. Well, that's all news to me too, as we had no indication that they were even in the GSC being held captive after the attack on their camp. Bit of a plot jump, but that's this show for you. They are now intent on doing bad things in the GSC and it all ends up with Hera about release another virus on humanity, and Charlie having to send in the humanichs, whom he and Julie wanted to shut down just moments before everything went to pot, in to save the day. What are the chances of Ethan actually saving the day instead? Let me think ...

What I liked

JD and Toby's drinking session was at least good at developing the mystery of John's death.

We all expected Julie to come "good" at the end, and she's back to her sobbing ways and trying to do the right thing, but unfortunately, the hybrids get in the way.

What I Didn't Like

The hybrids were in the GSC. I don't remember anyone saying they'd been round up and put in any cell.

The whole circus thing was certainly a circus and quite frankly something we all could have done without. Seeing other cast members as circus characters just about summed up the ludicrous nature of this show. Rather they used people we didn't know from elsewhere.

Molly's death bed. Not only did we have to witness a rather badly acted dying scene, but that whole circus crap. On the plus side, JD and Julie's last words were not too bad, for this show.


This show could have wiped out humanity itself if we'd been forced to watch it 24/7. Molly is feeling the strain of trying to act interesting. 
There's no charm at all in the circus which is such an obvious and typical way to tell a backstory and have us believe that Molly is giving up solely because of her Dad cheating on her mum.

Makeup budget this season is at an all time low as bits are literally falling off the hybrids.

Toby spent the entire time whilst drinking with JD with the monitor in view of him. Wonder if that'll come up in the story as being relevant? Duh!

With one episode left of the series, we're counting on Hera to blow the GSC to the ends of the solar system and spare us a third season.

And Finally

Far too long spent in the circus, when all this episode is really about is the hybrids escaping the GSC cell. Sadly, we have to deal with Molly's deathbed visits and dream for far too long when the action is happening under everyone's noses.

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