Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Falling Skies: S05E04: "Pope Breaks Bad"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

This is what we've been waiting for. Pope turning to the dark side, as he's tightroped on for several seasons. Finally, taking longer than us viewers have, he's grown tired of all the Tom Mason leadership and seeing the Masons do ok, but everyone else (namely him and his falling ex, Sarah) suffer. Pope raises up the tension, enlisting PTSD soldier from last week, into his hellraiser group. A heated confrontation with Tom really started to bare some home truths. "Why are all the mason's doing so well?", "Why is everyone who follows Tom dieing?" as well as "Why is the CGI on this show so poor?" yet Tom does the double bluff, offering a gun to Pope and holding it to his own head, but Pope won't take that bait. Instead, despite holding lots of anger and resentment, he still needs to follow the stupidness of the plots in this show, by later taking Tom's wife hostage, but bailing out of killing her, before, at the episode's conclusion, holding Hal hostage, with a view to killing Hal and Tom. Somehow, Pope managed to keep it all together, and at least twice fail to take down Tom, but at the end, he's changed his tune and wants to take out Tom and Hal in one go! Jeez Pope, your very convincing as a nut job, but your evil plans are very Wile E Coyote ridiculous sometimes.

Elsewhere in the episode, one of the mason's discovers there's a depot nearby that they hadn't figured out for the last whole season. So, they go there and find goods galore; radios, petrol & cars. It's a great find. Almost unbelievable. There's even a scene with a very laughable british lady communicating with them on the radio walkie talkies. And they just take her at her word? And ridiculous accent? Even more amusing than the actual plot, is that the guy, Ryan, who Tom asks to come along, turns out to be the obvious person to perish, long before even Pope could have predicted it. He succumbs to an alien horde of flies. Yikes.

If you think that's all daft, then the sub-plot involving Cochise is the icing on a melting cake. Suddenly we discover he's ill. Kidney failure it seems! He's happy to go off with his arriving father on one of their spaceships, say his last goodbyes and die. Of course, the Masons won't have that, and we have them convincing Cochise's father to donate a kidney, because it's better to fight than to die. The whole operation is quite akin to that kid's board game of the same name. The kidney just pops out! Sadly though, his father dies and he ends up having a fatherly moment with Doctor Mason instead, in scenes that would have been better moved, than moving. Worse still, we have to witness that darn annoying daughter of hers, Alexis, appear as a vision to her. Sigh.

So, we're left at the end with Tom on ANOTHER solo crusade of his, where he goes out all chesty voice, to save Hal and take down Pope. Will some ass kicking happen? Will someone other than Pope die? Is this show ever going to be anything better than "meh"? We'll see ...

What I liked

Badass Pope. Sure, it wasn't perfect, due to his cartoon like bad guy plan flaws, but he spoke a lot of truths, and he felt much more threatening than the aliens have recently.

What I Didn't Like

The whole Cochise sub-plot was comical and daft.

Another appearance by the alien who Tom sees as his ex wife this episode. Out of nowhere he's suddenly having a vision where she tells him nothing much of anything, except that Hal is in danger, something he'd have figured out anyway, as I'm sure Pope would have sent a message to the camp.


Hello British! Some really odd sounding lady was on the radio. Tom trusted her instantly, which was daft in the first instance.

In an operation a 5 year old could have performed, Cochise is healed from his rather sudden kidney failure.

Shoot Pope Shoot! Dammit Pope!

Noooooo, not her again!!!

I speak in riddles. It's that ex-wife alien thing again.

Newly head shaved Pope threatens Hal, and also threatens to make the show interesting.

And Finally

Pope as a badass works very well, and makes a lot of sense. Something this show has failed to do for the last five seasons. However, there's still some daftness overload abound that just makes this show too soggy to really care a lot about.

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