Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Falling Skies S05E07 "Everyone has their reasons"

Rating: 6

In A Nutshell

Well, it wasn't dull this week, but it was hardly full of quality either, with daftness actually highlighted quite openly throughout the episode.

Most of the 2nd Mass make their way to an old Navel Base which is under the command of Weaver's old flame, and ex-Stargate chief, Samantha Carter. Ok, it's not the character, but the actress. She performs admirably all episode, despite having to put up with multiple plot moments where she has to readily acknowledge the scar on her neck that keeps bleeding. It's so totally highlighted throughout the episode, and that it occurred after a recent ambush by skitters, that the only people not noticing the bleeding obvious is everyone. Ahh well. After being let into the camp, things go south quicker than two quick things, with the 2nd mass gradually being rounded up for questioning/detention. Commander "Carter" is doing so under very sensible reasons (hearing about 2nd Mass involvement with all sorts of aliens) that you'd be surprised that Pope wasn't behind it and not an overlord whom we see at the end. Poor Ben ends up being cornered by anti "alien freak" soldiers, who he promptly beats up rather impressively before being sucker punched from behind. He's then subjected to having spikes literally pulled out. Despite the obnoxious solider who pulled the spike out being attacked by the spike creature and sustaining a rather nasty facial injury, nothing is made of that for rest of the episode. Curious ...

Back at the previous camp, Cochise and the 2nd Mass gadget man have a few scenes where they are essentially retrieving the communications device. Young Matt Mason is on his way back there after Weaver (the only one not under lock and key by his sweetheart commander) sneaks him out to get help. Things go very wrong for the Masons as Commander "Carter" puts them under a court material investigation, ending with them all being sentenced to death. Shock horror. Wonder if that'll happen?

What I liked

Ben Mason finally kicks ass, thanks to the spikes, showing us the true power of what they can do. Why we haven't seen this super human stuff before like this I don't know. It's great!

Commander "Carter" actress brings great integrity, despite some of the daftness she has to perform.

It's quite contrived and unoriginal, but the second mass at the makeshift army base makes a very welcomed change of scenery and interaction with different people.

What I Didn't Like

The several scenes of Cochise and co removing the communications device was totally unnecessary. We could have saved ourselves from that.

The soldiers at the base all seem to be obnoxious idiots and bigots. I can't help but think they are overplaying all that to make them seem like this week's "bad guys".


A'Hoy there Captain, rubbish CGI ahead.

Proving that no alien devices or painkiller are really needed after all, this guy pulls out one of Ben's spikes with some pliers. Double ouch!
You'd hardly recognise Stargate's Sam Carter, but you would notice the bleeding scar on her neck that's given prominence all episode.

Blind Date this is not.

Look who is being controlling the Commander? Jeez, didn't see that coming. Sigh.

And Finally

Change of scenery and a faster pace helps nicely for a decent episode despite all the dialogue and plot daftness.

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