Saturday, 29 August 2015

Falling Skies S05E08: "Stalag 14th Virginia"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Things start off once again badly, with a lineup of people about to be shot, with black bags over their heads, the order to fire being giving, and then the awful "Seven hours earlier" then being shown on the screen. Sigh. Naturally we're left to figure out who was about to be shot, although we suspect Tom and sons, we can't be sure and plus did they get shot? Is the world round? Is this show fantastic? Yeah, I think we know what is not going to happen after the gunshots actually occur.

So, back in time we go and the sad reflective grim looking Weaver is following around his old flame like a puppy, Commander "Carter" (well, easier to say Carter as that was who she was in SG-1) and keeps trying to convince her she's wrong to do all these bad things to the 2nd Mass. In a rather pathetic manner, Weaver follows the Commander in her jeep out of the base. Quite what she said to the gate guard as to why she was going for a night time drive, I don't know. Anyhow, Weaver, despite being almost in her pants whilst following her, sees her meet with an overlord, whom he then strangles after she leaves. We never see the overlord at all, so I'm guessing they were saving money on CGI! 

Over the course of the episode, Weaver gets more and more of the guards on his side. Tom is also in the cell doing a great job as an ex-teacher of convincing the guard there to help them. Eventually he caves to Tom's relentless voice and they attempt an escape, but it goes wrong. Tom gets away (through a weak point in the perimeter) and the cell guard who helped them gets shot. Seems Pope's theory is right huh? Everyone is then naturally all destined to be shot by firing squad the next day. Joining them in the line of fire is Doctor Mason, who after spilling everything to the patient she fixed up, finds him go all "Traitor Traitor" on her, in a strange comedy turn of emotions. Seems the patient was working for the commander in some ridiculous subplot which wasn't necessary at all as the commander was likely to arrest doctor mason regardless. 

So, Doctor Mason and boys are lined up to be shot, but, wait, the guards refuse to shoot. They've been weaver'ed! At the same time, Tom comes storming through the gates like Mad Max in their lorry, and gives his usual bullshit all-american speech about living together and fighting the aliens. Everyone is starting to hug and kiss each other as world peace spreads across the base, when the Commander attempts to shoot Tom, but Weaver stabs her. Quite why he didn't just take the gun off her, I don't know.

So, we end with the commander dripping black blood. It's suggested she was or wasn't a complete duplicate or copy of the original Commander. No idea. It's hard to fathom and I'm beyond caring. If all that seems hard to fathom, well get this ... the patient in the hospital we then find stumbling along a road and into Pope's camp! WTF? Why? Why was he going anywhere or knew to go to Pope's camp, or even where it was? Is the camp really the close and no aliens between the army base and Pope? Just ridiculous, but we do get to see Pope pleased to find out that Tom is alive because we all know that he wants to attempt to kill him himself.

What I liked

It was sort of interesting to see how the 2nd Mass would get out of this predicament, but ultimately the result was absolutely ludicrous in how they yet again won the day.

What I Didn't Like

The patient in the hospital, who turned on Doctor Mason in pantomime fashion, then ended up stumbling into Pope's base? That was just highly contrived and ridiculous to believe.

Wasn't clear what had happened to the Commander in the end. Was she alien or half human?

Are we supposed to believe Weaver strangled an overlord?

The way the whole 2nd Mass talked around all the soldiers was half cheesy and half obvious manipulation. I get that the army might think things weren't right, but to believe anyone so easily was a little daft, especially how they all started to love Weaver.

Weak point in the perimeter? This is an army base! How on earth is there any weak point?

Tom's Mad Max entrance.


Weaver creeps up and strangles an overlord in a highly contrived money-saving exercise for the producers as we never see the overlord.

Tom convinces the guard to help them escape. Probably they just want rid of his whining.

Escape goes wrong. Someone other than a Mason gets killed. Sound familiar?

Will the Masons get shot? Don't be stupid.

So, what exactly was she? Hard to know for sure. Probably they didn't want to have to explain it to us.

And Finally

A relatively interesting scenario is played out with some ridiculous scenes and lame plotwork. On the plus side, Pope is back!

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