Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Last Ship: S02E04

Rating: 7

In A Nutshell

This week we're back to doing what The Last Ship does best; kicking some ass!

The crew of the Nathan James discover a big ship left some port nearby in the last few weeks and was all kitted out with doctors and labs for fast track processing of the cure. Well, that's the gist of what I picked up on! They track it down but find no one at home at first, until they start to find dead bodies and a group of doctors holding up in a makeshift operating theatre. Some gung ho action follows as two swat teams, each with new characters who joined the show this week (An Aussie SEAL called Wolf Taylor and Lt. Ravit Bivas).

Wolf really shows he's an all-action hero, single handedly taking down some of the bad guys who had boarded the ship recently in search of the cure. Seems there are some mercenaries about, and they aren't afraid to spill blood. Bivas is landed with Rex and another guy who has the hots for her. They come across a bomb, which is defused but then they find it's connected to another bomb. As the captain chases down the leader of the gang of mercenaries (A British guy!), they have to try to defuse the bigger bomb, which the mercenary leader threatens to blow up when he's cornered by the captain. Luckily, Rex goes all superhero on us too, by risking his neck to detach the explosives and throw them overboard ... which he of course does just in the nick of time as the bad guy presses that big red button.

Anyhow, the bad guy escapes, the Nathan James end up with a new doctor who wants to stay behind from the other ship, and the weird strange guy from last week hanging out with the crazy "we're special" group, is on a boat with the group leader, who informs him the boss wants to talk to him, whereupon we see a sub pop up from the water, presumably the same sub the mercenaries escaped to, as they didn't have a boat.

What I liked

Wolf is like Wolverine without the superpowers as he kicks ass physically and with a gun!

Nothing beats creeping through a ship and having shoot outs with bad guys.

Despite only meeting him this episode, the death of one of the doctors actually created an impression on me, as well as being a bloody end.

Tension and mystery of what was going on was clevering slowly fed to us.

What I Didn't Like

Some cheesy "crush" sub-plot and highly contrived plot dynamics but that's about par for this show :)


Always time for some bird watching at sea.

Plenty of extras sleeping on the job this week. Ok, they've all been shot ... in the head!

Wolf takes centre stage as a bad-ass kick-ass guy.

I'm the british bad guy, and I'm going to press the button unless you ... oh, never mind. You defused the bomb of course.

Nightswimming? Nope, our bearded weird guy is meeting "The Boss"

And Finally

Enjoyed this, as the mystery returns, tension is kept ticking along, the all-american stuff is put on a back seat, and we have some gun-ho action!

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