Saturday, 29 August 2015

Windows 10: Windows Store App Update

Windows 10 App Update
Windows Store

Version 2015-8-25-1 ~ 28th August 2015
(Previous Version 2015-8-12-1)

Another day, another app update. Well, there were 8 today but I'm only going to comment if I can find any discernible differences, because it looks like Microsoft aren't going to tell us anytime soon.

1. Menu Labels

Now says "Downloads and updates" instead of just downloads.

Here's a screenshot of before:

Can't see any more sophistication in the update mechanism, like being able to download individual's updates instead of the "Update All" choice.

2. Update Tiles via WI-FI

We've lost a setting here. Under "Live Tile", you used to be able to choose whether the tile updated under Wi-Fi or not. Not sure why they got rid of it, as it's a small, but useful way to conserve data if one is metered.

You can see how it looked before below:

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