Thursday, 10 September 2015

Falling Skies S05E09: "Reunion"

Rating: 5

In A Nutshell

Ending very much with a whimper thus far, but can the penultimate episode rack up the tension and quality ahead of the finale?

Hell No. The title of this episode is 'Reunion' and that's quite apt, considering it brought back some characters but it was the kind of school reunion you'd rather not have attended, because you never really liked them the first time around. More of that in a moment.

Ben is this week taking ice baths at regular intervals as he attempts to learn more from the alien communication device. You know, the thing that's like a coal fire? I assume the cold baths help him concentrate although that's barely explained how the process is exactly working. He scribbles out lots of random stuff on a blackboard which only comes to relevance a little later after they've learn't that a queen is in DC and this could be the end of the battle. If it's not, then, well, they've run out of airtime quite frankly.

Reunion 1 involves the person no one wanted to see again. Not us viewers or anyone in the show, as Alexis shows up whilst on a nearby patrol. Looking dishevelled, she says she's no idea where she's been but not to worry that she's a trap or trick. Right. Thankfully common sense prevails this week, and literally no one is willing to believe anything she says, except maybe Tom, who thinks it might be worth the chance. What is it with this guy? Anyhow, she finally shows her true colours, attempting to kill him but Ben saves the day with another alien weapon. Yes, earlier in the episode, Tom was summoned off base by his alien friend who likes to masquerade as his ex-wife still, although I'm not sure why. We know it's an alien really. Down by a massive river, she gives Tom a weapon to use on the queen that'll kill them all. Literally all. Seems like a good way to end everything with only one episode left right? Her massive spaceship comes out of the river to deliver the device, and it seems no one notices this ruddy great big thing in the sky!! Well, this is Falling Skies after all. Lots of daft stuff in this show.

And that leads us on to reunion 2; Pope. After having the best episode of the season earlier, Pope is sent on his way this week in the style of Boba Fett. He tricks his way into the compound like something out of Little Red Riding Hood. It really is quite ludicrous. Then there's a hell of a gun battle before Pope takes up his position next to a number of explosive barrels. He might as well have been wearing a red shirt. Sure enough, Tom and co destroy the barrels and thus literally blow Pope up. It's all over in 2 minutes and was very dissatisfying in every way possible. It was also rather pointless and stupid.

On top of that, the soldier who eloped with Pope in the first place, suddenly has a change of heart this week. After being responsible for abducting Doctor Mason, and joining in with everything Pope has done since, and never once complained, this week he decides to take a bullet for the doctor. Later in the episode he tells Weaver he has learn't the error of his ways. Weaver almost gives him a big hug and kiss when he tells him he forgives him and wants him to help them out. Jeez. Wtf?!!??! This makes no sense quite frankly.

Right at the end, with everyone now ready to go gun ho on Washington DC, after figuring out the most simplest of puzzles that Ben learnt from his baths, we see a mass of flying aliens arrive.

What I liked

I enjoyed Pope's going gun ho on everyone and his few quips, but it was all rather pointless a sub-plot. He didn't deserve that.

Ben's baths were not explained much but at least it looked like he'd been through hell getting the intel on the queen.

What I Didn't Like

Alexis returns. It wasn't really her but that didn't matter. She was boring before and even more so as an alien trap.

Pope was giving the most dissatisfying death scene imaginable. Totally ridiculous showdown and a rubbish ending for him.

The alien's weapon experiments done by Doctor Mason were at least showing some sort of concern over just using something they knew nothing about, but it all felt like filler and rather dull stuff.


Large ship comes out of river. Nobody seems to have noticed.

Ben goes through hell this week, much like we have for years watching this show.

Alexis returns in perhaps the most unwelcome comeback ever.

Pope takes cover ... besides lots of highly explosive barrels. Sigh.

Best get lots of fly swatters and pesticides ready because they'll be needed next week.

And Finally

The finale can't come soon enough. Hopefully the second mass will be wiped out along with the aliens if we're all lucky!

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