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The Flash: S02E02: "Flash of Two Worlds"

The Flash
S02E02: "Flash of Two Worlds"
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Decent)

In A Nutshell

When all is said and done, nothing much of any great action happened this week, hence why I've not been inclined to give a higher rating, although what did happen was nevertheless fascinating.

Jason 'Jay' Garrick, aka Earth 2 Flash, explains more about what's really been going on the last 6 months since that singularity. He explains how he was about to snuff it from his arch nemesis, Zoom, when the singularity opened up and he's been on our earth every since, but without his speed. Barry doesn't trust him, especially given how similar he is to Doctor Wells, with his guidance for Barry and his science background. Most of the episode he's locked up and having experiments conducted on him by Barry's very trusting friends, before a classic heart to heart between Barry and Iris (who has done naff all this season thus far) convinces him to let "Jay" help him defeat the newest metahuman to be put on our Earth via Zoom, a sand monster of sorts. Jay helps Barry learn how to create a lightning bolt to take down the man of sand, and thus turn him into glass. The two team up in a great sequence where Flash 2, minus speed, and Barry combine to rescue a police officer (Newcomer Patty Spivot) used as a prisoner by the sand metahuman and destroy him.

The police officer in question, is Patty Spivot, who after much enthusiastic nagging to Joe, eventually becomes the newest member of his anti-metahuman task force. We find out that Cisco has some sort of psychic ability that he wants the Professor to keep to himself. And we catch a glimpse of Earth 2, and see none other than Doctor Wells in charge of it's star lab!
What I liked

History of Earth 2 Flash was really cool. The other world scenario was great in Fringe TV show, and it's well played in this show too.

The two flashes combine to take down metahuman, although Flash 2 is without powers.

The reveal that Zoom is Doctor Wells, although I sort of figured that one out.

Nice to see that at least someone, Barry, didn't just trust someone who walked into the building.

What I Didn't Like

Not sure how the Patty thing will go. As enthusiastic as she was, she was sort of annoying to put up with.

Not enough action and battle by far. This was pushed to the background to give more time to Flash 2 gradually "getting over" with Barry.

Despite all the two worlds chat, Joe still goes after their earth's version of the meta-human, who of course isn't a meta-human in this world. That was just daft. Especially when the earth 2 version turned up just after they released our earth's version.

Cisco psychic stuff; not sure where this goes because he could just use this "power" all the time and there's no need for anyone to do anything else! It needs to be very limited in it's use.

Professor suddenly collapsing near end. A surprise but so quick it was hard to work out if we should be worried or not?

The equations make no sense and neither did what the professor and cisco said in this scene. Not sure we needed to hear any of that.

She's enthusiastic but Patty perhaps she need to learn that most metahumans aren't going to go down via bullets.

Told you he'd be back. Next up on my predictions list; Eddie. He'll turn up this season.

And Finally

This was largely all about learning more about Flash 2, and trusting him, with several other smaller subplots stuck in. It was enjoyable and interesting, but certainly not your typical episode where everything builds up to a climax.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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