Thursday, 22 October 2015

Windows 10 App Update: Mail & Calendar App: 17.6319.42021.0

Windows 10 App Update
Mail & Calendar App

Version 17.6319.42021.0 ~ 22nd October 2015

Purely concentrating on the mail side of the app ...


Light/Dark Theme extends into Settings Pane

Not the most exciting change, and not even one I noticed was an issue, but now when you choose the dark theme, the settings pane will also be dark too.

Personalisation Preview

When you go to personalise the app colours, there's now a little graphic at top of settings pane that shows you how your colour choice affects the look of the app. Nice ... for mobile users perhaps, because on the PC you can see how the colour changes by just looking at the rest of the screen to the left which will show the mail app! Duh.

Pop-Out Email

You can now "pop-out" a new email or any email into a new window. Hold the front page, huh? Yeah, it's not that exciting but I'm sure some will like this.

Every email now has the pop-out icon near the far top right as shown below ...

This does exactly what it says. A separate window for that email. There seems to be no limit on number of emails you can pop-out.

Call Security! Because it's gone.

I'd missed this, and it could have happened a few updates ago, but the extra security settings we got a month ago ... have gone!

There was at one point Digital Signature and Encryption options under Options for each account, down the very bottom ...

What's Not Changed

Still ...
  • No combined mailbox view.
  • Syncing issues
  • No sub-folder update option
  • Conservation view is ON BY DEFAULT after update

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