Friday, 13 November 2015

The Flash S02E03: "Family of Rogues"

The Flash
S02E03: "Family of Rogues"
Rating: 5 out of 10 (OK)

In A Nutshell

Sadly, I just didn't enjoy much of this week's episode. It didn't help that it featured two of Flash's storyline I've never really cared for; primarily firestorm, and also Captain Cold.

In a rather miss-able episode, that feels much like filler, we have Captain Cold's sister turn up asking for help, and the gang having to work out how to save her head from exploding (due to a bomb) thanks to what her dad had done to her. It's all rather simple plot work, and one that feels like it's keeping us from the real action regarding Earth 2. Needless to say, Cisco and the gang do save her, and thus brother Snart ends up in jail as he took revenge on his abusive dad.

That all aside, we had to deal with more of the dull Joe and his ex-wife storyline, with the classic "I'll tell Iris, but no I'll chicken out" before he does tell her. Why we need this storyline, I don't know. Feels like it's all been done before with Barry and his dad etc.

Speaking of rehashed storylines, it's firestorm again. After the Professor frequently states "he's ok" through the episode, you know where that's heading, and thus right at the end he "flames up" but in a blue flame instead of usual old-school orange one. He then collapses again. Sigh. I really didn't like any of the firestorm stuff last season.

But ... right at the end, we see the highlight of the episode; Doctor Wells stepping through the portal they'd just made in the lab to Earth 2. How they made the portal was quite silly and quickly done, but, who cares, Earth 2 and Wells is where the action is!

What I liked

Captain Cold at least is interesting, as a person, but little else. I do however like stage presence, which he oozes, even though he's really all about his ice gun.

Lisa Snart and Cisco was a little cute, as was Barry and and the new lady assisting Joe in the metahuman's taskforce.

Anything with Earth 2's Jay in, and the last few seconds with Dr Wells.

What I Didn't Like

Captain Cold's Dad storyline. Pretty dull and simple really.

Joe, ex-wife, and Iris storyline seems out of place and forced upon us.

Firestorm. Won't that storyline just go away please?

Don't quite get how after they figured out that Captain Cold's dad had the head bomb controller and was using his son, that they didn't just knock him out until they got the bomb out of Lisa Snart?

I'll mention this every week, but, umm, Gideon?


Oh, look, it's Barry's Ex. Now that's a brief appearance for a background charector. She's got to feature more heavily this season you'd think.


zzzzzzz, firestorm.

And Finally

A classic filler episode full of a rather simple storyline that you could easily forget all about. More firestorm? Do we need that or Joe's ex-wife as B-stories? The life of customers in that coffee shop would be more interesting.

Rating: 5 out of 10

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