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The Flash S02E05: "The darkness and the light"

The Flash
S02E05: "The darkness and the light"
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Decent)

In A Nutshell

I'm instantly reminded of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer with this week's episode title!

Anyhow, back to the show ...

Now this is more like it. Much more Earth 2, especially in the form of a Doctor Wells overload. We see him at the start in a flashback on Earth 2, where he gives a speech about ridding the world of metahumans and Zoom. The fact he has a spat with Jay/Flash in this scene, and also says "hi" to his daughter, means that you know that is all very relevant. Indeed, after (quite easily it seems) convincing Barry he's not like our Doctor Wells, Harrison Wells 2.0 spends the episode helping everyone capture the latest metahuman to be sent by Zoom, Dr Light. Basically, she controls very bright light. The clue is there in the name I guess. I know light is fast, but as Flash is as quick or not quicker than light, I don't quite get how he's out maneuvered by her on at least 3 occasions here. Just speed up to her and knock her on the head! It should be that simple! Eventually he pretty much does that, after some rather cool multiple flash mirages, even though it seemed very unnecessary to do in order to defeat her.

Before that conclusion, we discover that she's Earth 2's version of Barry's Ex, Linda. Yes, her from the newspaper business that I said just showed up last week. Told ya she was appearing for a reason. Her Earth 2 counterpart tries to kill her but ridiculously fails, taking out the editor by "accident" before Iris shoots her helmet off to reveal her identity to our Linda. Poor Linda is confused quite how it's possible, whereas I was just wondering why Iris aimed for the head? Oh well.

Along the way there was a really funny scene with a temporarily blind Barry on a date with Patty. That lady is so sexy. I've got to stay impartial! Argh. But it was funny and cute, especially with Cisco helping Barry via in-ear audio. Quite how blind he really was is hard to fathom. Seems to be rather selective but nevertheless it was amusing.

Seems quite clear that Cisco was right, that Dr Wells version 2 is an ass. He manages to annoy everyone, especially Jay who he has a fist fight with. Seems they don't like each other! Jay in the end decides to leave. I assume he's going back via the portal? Where does that come out on Earth 2 then?

As expected from the opening of the show, Dr Well's reasons for being on our earth are to rescue his daughter who has been captured by Zoom. I'm sure there are more secrets though behind him than all that.

Seeing Zoom close up at the end makes it look like he's got a suit very similar to our Flash. Is he an evil Barry?

What I liked

Barry and Patty's date; very funny.

Dr Wells 2.0; obnoxious but still captivating.

Jay/Caitlin Romance; think we all saw that coming.

No Firestorm. No Eddie Ex-Wife. Woohoo!

Earth 2 scenes.

What I Didn't Like

Can't help but think that Barry overcomplicated what was needed to take down Dr Light.

And, Doctor Light was really quite boring.

Cisco's powers. Is he seeing only the past? It all feels like a "convenient" power for plotlines to me.

I'll mention this every week, but, umm, Gideon?


Helmet is very sturdy to take a bullet, but bounces off easily.

Multiple Flash! Now why's he not just do this every week?

Zoom has Dr Well's daughter in a cell and with handcuffs on. Surely only one of those is needed? Is she a metahuman?

And Finally

Much improved without any firestorm or Eddie's Ex this episode. Dr Wells 2.0 is rude but brilliant as ever. His interaction with everyone is just writing genius. Although Dr Light, even with the Linda thing, wasn't that interesting or as dangerous as I think we were supposed to believe, everything else that happened this week was ten times more interesting than the last two episodes.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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