Friday, 20 November 2015

The Flash: S02E06: "Enter Zoom"

The Flash
S02E06: "Enter Zoom"
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Decent)

In A Nutshell

This didn't start off very well with a Dr Light/Flash battle showing us Flash being defeated, before the "72 Hours Earlier" caption appeared. Sigh. I really don't like flashbacks at start of episodes ...

Turns out that Barry thinks he's convinced Dr Light to help him against Zoom, but nope, she ends up escaping her cell by a combination of powers much more interesting than throwing light about. She hacked into the network via fibre optic cables and also made herself invisible. Impressive ...

That's also the last we see of Earth 2's Dr Light this week as Barry comes up with a way to help out our own Linda (who is still freaking out over everything, naturally). He reckons Zoom can't tell difference between the Lindas so he has her dress up as Dr Light and practice throwing light about from contraptions Cisco created. It's a little amusing but all just feels like it's staged for failure. Indeed it is, as after they plan to have fake Dr Light defeats Flash and then signal to Zoom that Flash is dead, but nothing happens. Zoom doesn't show. I wouldn't have either, as their fight was so clearly staged acting that it couldn't have fooled a pidgeon, let alone a super bad guy.

A tad later, whilst Linda and Iris are leaving work, Zoom zips by, nicks Linda and then taunts Flash to confront him. After saving Linda, Flash and Zoom battle, which leads to Flash being bloodied and battered like a cod at your chip shop. Dr Wells tries to shoot Zoom with his anti-speed but Zoom sees him, even though he wasn't looking (remember that) and stabs Flash with it. He then parades Flash to the police and media as defeated. Returning to Star Labs he proceeds to taunt everyone before going to kill Flash but Cisco shoots him with the anti-speed dart. Yes, he didn't see that coming! Huh? Zoom flees and a recovering Barry gives us the cliffhanger by saying he can't feel his legs.

What I liked

Zoom; nice to see more of him and have a speed master's battle.

Nice to see Flash all beaten up. Just shows it's not all easy being a superhero.

No Firestorm. No Eddie Ex-Wife. Woohoo!

Earth 2 scenes were cool showing Dr Wells and Daughter, with her kidnapping by Zoom. Nice orange/yellow tinge to everything like they did in Fringe to show it's another world. The subtle differences are fascinating.

What I Didn't Like

Zoom comes across as nothing more than a monster, which is good in many ways, but without any backstory or real rational, he lacks what the reverse-flash had.

Doctor Light/Linda; she's pretty dull still and her learning to be a superhero thing was just plain dumb.

Cisco's powers; convenient. And him trying to use them on Dr Wells, and eventually doing so, is just a stupid routine and cheesy, especially as we'd all worked out why Dr Wells was there long before Cisco's vibe and Earth 2 flashbacks.

Zoom saw Dr Wells fire dart at him, even though he wasn't looking, but didn't see Cisco shoot at him?

I'll mention this every week, but, umm, Gideon?


Enter Zoom. A bad ass monster, but one who likes to have his top zip done up.

And Finally

Not the confrontation with Zoom I'd hoped for, although it was good to see that Zoom is no push over, and super, super fast. He has zero character though, compared to Reverse Flash. A rambling monster is all he comes across as. Still reckon he's a crazy Earth 2 Barry, but we'll see.

Overall, this episode seemed to be a slightly flawed attempt at everything, failing in many ways to really be as good as it could have been. Saved from being a 5/10 from the Earth 2 beautiful scenery and the Zoom battle.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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