Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Flash: S02E07: "Gorilla Warfare"

The Flash
S02E07: "Gorilla Warfare"
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Decent)

In A Nutshell

Barry spends the majority of the episode still recovering from Zoom's humiliating and physically bruising attack, which they refer to as being a week ago. His dad is called into action to return from his fishing expedition (that's what he said he's been up to) to help inspire Barry to forget what had happened to him and come back stronger.

Largely, this episode is all Barry recuperating, but also about Grod, who turns up after mind controlling and murdering various chemists for drugs that aid intelligence. He has Caitlin mind-controlled out of the lab to aide him, which she's sympathetically agreeing to do. Dr Wells 2.0, suits up as Reverse-Flash to try and fool Grod, which works to help him get Caitlin to safety, and temporary subdue Grod with an injection of something or whatever. The next attempt to see to Grod involves a renewed and fully fit Barry to tempt Grod across town (which apparently mostly goes unnoticed by residents and also doesn't hurt anyone, amazingly) to one of the inter-world portals that Dr Wells 2.0 knows leads to somewhere on Earth 2.0 where Grod will be happy, as essentially he's lonely. With relative ease, that's what happens. There's really not a lot to this episode.

The next notable plot development this week comes from yet more vibing by Cisco, this time on his date from the cafe. Seems he vibes seeing her as some sort of super-hero angel ...

What I liked

Reverse-Flash; they even included the rotating sound-effect that we used to hear accompanying reverse-flash, even though this Dr Wells has no speed ability. Cool!

Grod battles with Flash; they were very brief but dramatic.

Some good and heart to heart to heart prep talks with Barry and his likeable Dad.

What I Didn't Like

Cisco's powers: Is there no end to them appearing each week? This is going to become a very convenient power if this keeps happening. Plus, why doesn't he tell anyone now what he vibed?

I'll mention this every week, but, umm, Gideon?

Are we going to have a "Planet of the Apes" Grod-style episode on Earth 2 in the future? Hmm, not sure any of us need that.


Future Planet of the Grods coming up?
Got weird when they played a fav song of mine by Peter Gabriel called "In Your Eyes" during this scene.
Why is Caitlin wearing her pyjamas?

And Finally

As Grod episodes go, this was the best one so far, although that's not saying much. Grod seemed a lot more interesting this time, and also got slightly more action time. Barry's pep talks with his dad were heart-warming and also added gravity to the devastating attack on Barry by Zoom last week.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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