Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Flash: S02E08: “Legends of Today”


In A Nutshell

Things start off quite darkly as we see some captain bring a stowaway off his ship to turn over to police, only for them to be thanked by way of multiple assassinations via knives in super quick fashion. Someone is on a hunt. Vandal Savage apparently, as we learn. Super start to episode.
Cisco is on a date with the coffee shop lady, Kendra Saunders, which they are having, um, at the shop it seems. Seconds later, Savage arrives determined to kill Kendra. Cisco secretly manages to summon Barry via his mobile, upon which Flash arrives just in time to stop a fatal attack. Savage just leaves the scene for some reason.
Barry is convinced this Savage guy isn’t a metahuman but some sort of magical person and that this needs Arrow’s help. Quite why he’s taken this view I don’t know. Roll on some very convenient and cheesy crossover segment as Barry arrives in the nick of time to save Arrow from Damien Dark. Some rather childish crossover chit-chat follows between Team Arrow and Team Flash (Cisco is with Kendra and Barry) in typical comic book fashion. This is followed by drinks together where Cisco states to Barry that he must not tell Kendra about his vibe powers, and also that he vibed her dressed up as a bird weeks ago. Savage bursts in through a window, as you do, throws knives everywhere, to which Barry gets rid of them before taking a blow himself. Thea arrows Savage fatally, whom falls out window but is nowhere to be seen when they take a look. No mentioned of Barry’s injury, which one must assume was superficial. Cisco then decides to completely blurt out about his vibe power and everything to everyone, including Kendra who by now has had to absorb Cisco being pals with The Flash, Arrow/Oliver Queen and a super mad knife wielding mad man in the space of what can be only half a day! Quite how she’s even managing to behave like a normal human being after all this takes some believing, but then Malcom Merlin and his ninja’s just waltz into Team Arrow HQ, where he tells them that Savage is donkey years old and can’t be stopped. Very useful information. And why the heck did he bother to turn up to say that?
Meanwhile, in Central City, Patty sees Doctor Wells getting into a car. Next time we return to the city she’s in Star Labs, and shoots Wells, thinking he had a weapon. How she get in that lab? People just walk in and out of places these days, and it’s not one bit amusing but highly frustrating and baffling to accept! Anyhow, Wells was working with Caitlin to create a super speed serum to make Barry even faster. Wells had called Jay back from Earth 2, which comes across as taking a bus ride to jump between worlds, who freaks out about the serum and Well’s involvement and pops back to Earth 2. He’s back again though after Wells is shot. Quite how they are summoning him across worlds is not explained at all! Contrary to everything he’s said before, he takes the serum, and uses the speed to speed phase into Wells and retrieve the bullet that was killing him. Later on, Wells thanks Jay, who still isn’t happy. All that Jay changing mind stuff was just far too quick to really believe, but not as bad as Cisco earlier!
Outside with Kendra, Cisco witnesses a birdman swoop in and take her. Birdman explains to Kendra that he’s her lover, that she has been reborn and needs to emerge and remember who she is. With Arrow and Flash in pursuit, he has an awesome but quick battle with them and is eventually defeated. Who thought a birdman could be so cool? Not me, that’s for sure. Anyhow, he tells Team Arrow/Flash/Merlyn that Savage is after him and Kendra and always kills them, before they are reborn again. We then have birdman trying to help Kendra emerge and remember her former life by jumping off a building. Doesn’t work first time and needs Barry to save her. Meanwhile, Merlyn tells them Savage is after an old weapon, which they figure out is back in a church in Central City. Barry and Oliver battle Savage who has got the weapon, which is like a staff, and have a little battle. Just as I was thinking that staff wasn’t that powerful, Savage senses Kendra has “emerged”. Indeed, she’s got focused after chat with Cisco, and jumps off a building and … you guessed it, sprouts wings. Savage uses staff to blow up church, but Barry saves Oliver. Now that’s more like it for a staff weapon!
Later, Barry and Oliver are having a coffee, for whatever reason giving the stakes are high, and Oliver sees an old flame.
Apparently, that’s a cliff-hanger.

What I liked

Birdman! Awesome!
Savage; what an awesome knife wilding bad guy! This guy I hope hangs around but somewhat doubt it.
Some neat but quick battles between Birdman, Savage versus Flash/Arrow.


What I didn’t Like

That’s a cliff-hanger? That was as weak as a highly milky coffee that one could get from that cafe they were in.
Cisco is adamant that Kendra shouldn’t know about his powers. Minutes later he tells all.
Jay is adamant he won’t take the serum. Later he’s using it to save Wells, who he doesn’t like.
Jay pops between Earths like it’s a hop skip and jump.
How are they summoning Jay across worlds?
Kendra is about as charismatic and believable as … well … as someone sprouting wings. She’s just so bland. And, it takes even more believing that she absorbs all the crazy stuff so well.
Malcolm Merlyn; twice just appears in Team Arrow HQ to give sentances of information. Just pointless really.


People just seem to waltz in and out of Star Lab. This week, Patty marches in …
What next? Mr & Mr Dressing Gowns? …
I would never have thought it, but a “hawkman” was absolutely awesome in this episode …


And Finally

I don’t like crossovers at all but this one just about worked. Far too much going on though, and far too many comic comedy crossover moments that only serve to make both Team Arrow and Team Flash look less impressive and intelligent than they come across in their own shows. The amazing fighting abilities of birdman and Savage though I really enjoyed and helped me get over the numerous convenient and cheese fest moments.


Rating: 6/10 (DECENT)

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