Saturday, 23 January 2016

Occupied S01E01

Interesting to know that almost every Norwegian watches the BBC News Channel we it on TV in the Prime Minister's Office, one of the residents of Norway's home, and later in a cafe.
Thorium? Never heard of it. I don't know if it's real or fake, I could easily believe either. However, you have to hand it to the Norwegians. They know how to combine modern technology with nature.

The reporter's female friend works in a restaurant. She offered her staff a 10% bonus if they held off being paid for a month. I think we can all see what their decision is likely to be.

Stating the obvious as the Prime Minister gets kidnapped. yes, he has got a gun. So have the other two with them. Strictly speaking, it might have been better to say "They have guns".

It wasn't until the second or third time that I realised these graphics weren't really where they appeared to be, but instead representing what the characters saw on their mobile devices. Phew. That would have been dangerous. Not as dangerous as driving at high speeds without a seatbelt. Naughty police man!

Peter Schmeichel as the Norwegian Prime Minister? No, of course not, but despite his kidnapping taking up the main"drama" of the opening episode, you'd think it all could have been done via a secure video call than all these dramatics.

I know he's a bodyguard, but the level of paranoia and petrified looking about that this guy does, is a drinking game you don't want to play in this show.
Even at the end, with his wife reasonable unconcerned about any occupation, he still looks petrified and on full alert.

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